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Identifying and Representing Whole Numbers on a Number Line Worksheets

Help young learners of kindergarten and Grade 1 use their analytical skills to identify whole numbers on a number line. The worksheets are categorized into two levels based on the range of numbers. Level 1 --> 0 to 10; Level 2 --> 0 to 20. Click on the free icon to sample our printable worksheets!

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Identifying whole numbers: Type 1

Read each number line. Identify and write the correct whole number on the basis of the interval observed.

Identifying whole numbers: Type 2

In this set of worksheets, each number line is missing up to four whole numbers. Identify the increments and find the numbers. Level 1 and Level 2 contain the numbers in the range 0-10 and 0-20 respectively.

Identifying whole numbers: Type 3

Represent the letters on the number line with the appropriate whole numbers based on the intervals observed. Validate your response using the answer key provided at the end of each worksheet.

Draw number lines

Read each problem and draw number lines based on the increments and the number of intervals provided here. Evaluate your child's grasp on recognizing whole numbers using a number line.

Read the number lines: Word problems

Observe each number line and answer the interesting word problems that follow. Logical and analytical skills are sure to come to the fore with this array of worksheets!

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