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Binary and Hexadecimals Conversion Worksheets

If you've seen war movies, chances are you already know secret messages in the armed forces are delivered as binary codes. Here's an example! The soldier on sentry duty wouldn't allow Sergeant Charlie in until he showed a binary string: 110111101100101011011110. The code told the sergeant's military experience. This is an instance when binary codes are at play. Convert between binary strings and hexadecimals with our printable high school worksheets! Now, did you decode the Sergeant's experience? You deserve a pat on your back! It's a DECADE. Explore one of the worksheets for free!

Convert Binary Numbers to Hexadecimals

Memorize the binary to hex conversion table before delving in! Move from right to left, work on four binary digits at a time, and figure out the hexadecimal equivalents.

pdf 1

pdf 2

pdf 3

Convert Hexadecimals to Binary Numbers

Computers convert digital data to simple base-2 numerals and store them up as binary bits. Help high school students get the hang of the hex to binary conversion with these pdf worksheets.

printable 1

printable 2

printable 3

Convert between Binary Numbers and Hexadecimals - MCQ

Assess your conversion skills with these MCQs! Follow the apt algorithms, convert between base-2 and base-16 numerals, and select the hexadecimal and binary equivalents from the options.

practice 1

practice 2

practice 3