Perfect Progressive Tense Worksheets

Comb through our printable perfect progressive tense worksheets and stir up enthusiasm in spades for children in grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6. Spur practice of perfect continuous tense forms to a meteoric growth with stacks of challenging-yet-fun exercises like completing sentences with perfect progressive tenses, picking correct tense forms from the box, fixing errors and rewriting, and choosing the correct perfect continuous tense multiple choice. Our free perfect progressive tense worksheet with answers is the best place to start your practice!

Forming Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive

Gorge yourself on our present perfect progressive tense exercises with answers! Use the correct present perfect or present perfect continuous tense form of the verb and complete each sentence.

Completing Sentences with Present Perfect Progressive

Have kids in 4th grade and 5th grade been trying to boost practice of present perfect progressive? Let them use apt present perfect or perfect progressive forms in the box and complete the sentences.

Fixing the Present Perfect Progressive Errors

Learn the joy of applying the present perfect progressive tense formula by correcting errors and rewriting sentences in this part of our printable perfect progressive tense worksheets for 6th grade.

Forming Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive

Rattle off the structure and function of the past perfect progressive tense before you go full-on by forming the past perfect/past perfect progressive tense of the given verbs to complete these sentences!

Completing Sentences with Past Perfect Progressive

Chock-full of past perfect progressive tense example sentences, this worksheet sets grade 4 kids a task of completing sentences using correct past perfect/perfect progressive forms provided.

Choosing Past Perfect or Past Perfect Progressive

Swot up on your perfect progressive tense using our past perfect progressive verb tense worksheets pdf! Identify if the sentence needs a past perfect or perfect progressive verb and color correctly.

Forming Future Perfect and Future Perfect Progressive

Our future perfect progressive tense exercises with answers pdf are superior to any other resource! Experience a steep learning curve by completing sentences with future perfect/perfect progressive tense.

Choosing Future Perfect or Future Perfect Progressive

Increase your uptake of future perfect progressive tense sentences with this exercise, where grade 5 and grade 6 children check the future perfect/perfect progressive to complete each sentence.

Completing Sentences with Future Perfect Progressive

Enjoy flipping between the challenge and pleasure of our printable perfect progressive tense worksheets! Form the future perfect or perfect progressive of verbs as needed and complete the sentences.