Progressive Tense Worksheets

Piggyback on our printable progressive tense worksheets to help children in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 practice and become accomplished in tenses that refer to actions or states that are continuing to happen. Be knowledgeable about the functions of present progressive, past progressive, and future progressive and put them into application with exercises such as completing sentences with present progressive tense, rewriting sentences using past progressive tense, filling in the blanks with future progressive tense, and more. Make the most of our free progressive tense worksheets with answers pdf!

Fill in the Blanks with Present Progressive Tense

Celebrate the functions of simple present tense while referring to something happening presently, or in the near future, or to describe repeated actions with this fill-in-the-blanks with present progressive tense worksheet.

Writing the Present and Present Progressive Forms

Make a habit of reading present progressive sentences so children experience firsthand how the tense plays out! In this part of our progressive tense worksheets, write the present and present continuous forms of the verbs and learn the ropes.

Completing with Present Progressive Forms in the Box

Be ready for the off as a present progressive van is waiting for you! Children in 3rd grade and 4th grade use the present progressive forms in the word box and complete each sentence.

Writing Present Progressive Sentences

Be more than a match for your peers, drawing on our treasure chest of present progressive tense exercises! Write sentences using the present progressive forms of these verbs and prove your mettle.

Completing Sentences with Past Progressive Forms

Make sense of the functions of the past progressive tense and practice each to your heart's content with this progressive tense exercise where you complete a bunch of sentences.

Writing the Past and Past Progressive Forms

Kids in 4th grade and 5th grade prove that their grasp of progressive tense is hard to beat with this part of our past progressive tense pdf exercises where they complete sentences with the past and past progressive forms of the verb!

Answering Past Progressive Questions

Present children with a bank of questions, such as what someone was doing last evening, weekend, and so on. Let them get inspired by the pictures and answer using past progressive tense forms.

Fill in the Blanks with Past Progressive Forms

Burnish practice with wide-ranging past progressive sentences! In this printable past progressive tense worksheet, kids complete sentences using past continuous forms of the verbs given.

Completing Sentences with Future Progressive Tense

Effect a meteoric growth for children with our future progressive tense exercises! Commence an eventful trip by completing sentences using the future progressive tense forms of the verbs in parentheses.

Unscrambling Future Progressive Sentences

Children in grade 3 and grade 4 grasp the nettle with this part of our printable progressive tense worksheets. Rearrange words and order them into clear, readable future progressive sentences.

Identifying Future Progressive Tense

Watch two tasks combine forces in this grade 5 pdf filled with future progressive tense example sentences. Complete sentences using future continuous tenses; identify and underline the future progressive tense too.