Perfect Tense Worksheets

Our printable perfect tense worksheets demystify the concept of perfect tense for children in grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6. Learn the formula for past perfect, present perfect, and future perfect and form error-free perfect tenses on the spot. Add nuance and range to your grammar with a plethora of perfect tense exercises like fill in the blanks, coloring, multiple choice, rewriting, unscrambling, and more. Building on, practicing, and mastering perfect tense is now child's play! Jump-start practice with our free perfect tense worksheets with answers pdf!

Choosing Has/Have in Present Perfect Sentences

Adorn your practice with our perfect tense multiple choice exercise, where kids check has/have to complete the sentences. Use has with 3rd person singular, and have with 1st person and 2nd person, and 3rd person plural.

Completing Sentences by Forming Present Perfect Tense

Well done! You've chosen well with this present perfect tense worksheet with answer key! Children in 4th grade form the present perfect tense forms of the given verbs and complete the sentences.

Unscrambling to Make Present Perfect Sentences

This part of our perfect tense printable worksheets for 5th grade and 6th grade is a fascinating unscrambling activity! Arrange the words in order so they shape into meaningful present perfect sentences.

Circling Past Perfect Tense

Time expressions in the past perfect tense are a riot for the ambitious, budding grammarians! Stand out among your peers by identifying and circling the past perfect tense in each sentence.

Completing Sentences with Past Perfect Tense

Never again will the young scholars bugger up while forming the past perfect tense! In this past perfect tense worksheets, form the past perfect tense of each verb and complete the sentence.

Using Past Perfect Forms in Box to Complete Sentences

Express the earlier of the two past actions with the past perfect tense! In this section of past perfect tense exercises worksheet pdf with answers, complete sentences with past perfect forms given.

Completing Sentences with Future Perfect Tense Forms

This future perfect tense worksheet, where children in grade 4 and grade 5 to complete each sentence by forming the future perfect tense of the verb, exudes an infectious sense of perfection!

Rewriting Sentences in Future Perfect Tense

Who said future perfect tense printable worksheets are a dour affair? This exercise that tasks kids with rewriting a bunch of sentences in future perfect invites with some rip-roaring perfect-tense work out!

Fill in the Blanks with Future Perfect Tense

Let the definition of the future perfect tense be ingrained in kids' minds as they form future perfect tenses of the verbs to complete the sentences in this future perfect tense examples sentences pdf.

Completing Sentences With Perfect Tenses As Instructed

In this part of our perfect tense printable worksheets, kids in grade 6 use perfect tenses to complete sentences. Look inside the parentheses for the verb and the present/past/future perfect tense to be used.

Choosing Correct Perfect Tenses to Complete Sentences

Conjure up a perfect-tense magic with our perfect tense exercises with answers! For each sentence, three perfect tenses – past, present, and future – given. Find the apt option to complete the sentence.

Coloring Perfect Tense Sentences as Correct or Wrong

Home in on children's weaknesses in perfect tense and give them additional practice with this pdf, where they're asked to read each perfect tense and figure out if it's framed correctly or not.