Second Grade Spelling Worksheets

Continue the good spell of reading and writing with our printable second grade spelling worksheets level B! As the little spellers have already gotten used to the letter sounds and have mastered the letter names, it's now time for them to become further fluent by welcoming a whole new bunch of sounds, such as aw, ch, ai, mp, th, ck, and ed. Our second grade spelling worksheets pdf level B, which seek to teach spelling directly and systematically with the help of varied activities, are phenomenal. Be under the spell of our free spelling worksheets for a bit!

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Unit B20 | Sight Words & -ur/ir Family Words

Before you talk spelling and ask the child to rearrange each set of letters to form meaningful words, one bunch with all ur words and the other all ir words, give them a few words that contain ur and ir.

Unit B21 | Sight Words & -sh Family Words

Shush, we're discussing sh words! Shark and shape fall into the sh first type while dish and wish belong to the sh last type. We don't want to give too many spoilers, and you must do the rest of the sorting yourself.

Unit B22 | Sight Words & Floss Words

According to the FLoSS rule, when we hear f, l, s, or z after a short vowel at the end of a 1-syllable word, we spell it ff, ll, ss, or zz. Explore more of this rule as you write ff, ll, ss, or zz to complete each word here. This spelling worksheet is a must-have!

Unit B23 | Sight Words & sk/sc Family Words

The sk team is formidable with the presence of skip, skirt, and the like. The sc team in no less superior as with the stalwarts like school and score adding to their chops. Color the correctly spelled words.

Unit B24 | Sight Words & -st Family Words

If there was a spelling contest, you would be the "first" and the "best"! Test your spelling skills with this part of our printable 2nd grade spelling worksheets. Color the letters to spell the words; write the words.

Unit B25 | Sight Words & -th Family Words

Such is the learning cachet of the digraph th that it deserves a lesson all for itself! We highly recommend this th taster exercise, write th at the start/end to make words and write the words, for our th-thrilled spellers.

Unit B26 | Sight Words & -ue/u-e Family Words

These balloons are not filled with hot air just for the sake of it! We hope to use them as tools to ram home two word types: the ue words and the u_e words. Identify the correctly spelled words.

Unit B27 | Sight Words & -wh Family Words

Whisk your super-specialist spelling scholars to the whistle and whisper of this grade 2 spelling worksheet! Each wh word is written three times, the missing letters being different each time. Whip through this spelling task!

Unit B28 | Sight Words & -ing Family Words

Do get yourself super-busy creating words by adding -ing to each beginning letter or set of letters. Take the time to bask in the visual splendor that this spelling worksheet has in store for grade 2 kids.

Unit B29 | Sight Words Medley

Identifying the wrongly spelled word is as effective a spelling technique as recognizing the correctly spelled word. In this grade 2 spelling worksheet, draw a circle around each ill-spelled word and write it correctly.