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Martin Luther King Jr. Worksheets

"If you can't fly, then run, If you can't run, then walk, If you can't walk, then crawl, But by all means, keep moving." - Martin Luther King. Commemorate the life and achievements of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King with this themed holiday worksheet package featuring math and literacy activities. Color the picture, solve puzzles, simplify fractions to find the path, use writing prompts, make words from chopped words, read the passage and answer the questions, complete the timeline and a lot more! Try our free Martin Luther King Jr.worksheets to kick-start your practice!

Color the picture of Martin Luther King

What best way to introduce Martin Luther King to kids than to make them color his picture. Make sure kids of kindergarten learn a little about the life of this great leader who fought for equality.

Add and Subtract | Color by code

Spice up your grade 1 class by blending number knowledge with coloring skills. Add or subtract the numbers, map the answers to the color key and color the picture of Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King | Writing Prompt

Take a peek into the life of Martin Luther King with this unique writing prompt worksheet for grade 2 kids. Find out the date and place of his birth, complete one of his famous quotes and write three words that describe him best.

Simplify the Fractions | Maze

Help Martin Luther King lead the non-violent protest march to Alabama. Reduce all the fractions to their lowest terms. Pick and connect the fractions that are reduced to 3/4 to trace the path through the maze.

Reading Comprehension | Martin Luther King

Know the essential facts and get a vivid picture of the life of Martin Luther King with this reading comprehension worksheet for children of grade 3 and grade 4. Read the passage and answer the questions.

Martin Luther King | Word Chop

The words are chopped and put into four columns. Look for parts across the columns that fit together to make words associated with Martin Luther King. Test the spelling and vocabulary of grade 3 children.

Martin Luther King | Criss-cross Puzzle

This interesting word puzzle is loads of fun to solve. Look for the words in the word box with a common letter and fill the boxes in the 2-way puzzles. The puzzle is sure to give your kids an 'Aha!' moment.

Rounding Decimals | Riddle

Speak about another great activist Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus incident as a prelude to this worksheet. Direct the kids of grade 3 to round off the decimals to the nearest tenth and connect the answers to the letters to decode the riddle.

Martin Luther King | Word search

This fun worksheet comprises a 14 x 14 grid. Hunt for words horizontally and vertically and circle ten words related to Martin Luther King. Enrich the vocabulary and spelling skills of third and fourth grade children in the process.

Martin Luther King | Timeline

Know 'when' and 'what' happened in the life of Martin Luther King with this cut and paste activity. Use the timeline strategy to chronologically sequence the important events in the life of Martin Luther King.