Memorial Day Worksheets

"If silence is ever golden, it must be beside the graves of those, whose lives were more significant than speech and whose death was a poem the music of which can never be sung" said James Garfield. Reprise the Memorial Day tradition with our themed worksheets that are bound to get children of up to Grade 5 excited to no end. They will have a blast coloring letters, taking up word challenges, unscrambling sentences, solving crossword, reflecting on writing prompts and enjoying a story. Now, wouldn't that be a befitting tribute? Kick-start your practice with our free Memorial Day worksheets!

Memorial Day | Beginning Letters

Get off to a flying start in this endeavor with the activity of filling in the missing letters that will refresh your vocabulary with words that Memorial Day theme is associated with.

Memorial Day | Make words

Take up an exciting word challenge in this worksheet designed on the theme of Memorial Day. Use this space to remember and salute the fallen soldiers.

Memorial Day | Alphabetical Order

March ahead with our Memorial Day worksheet titled 'Alphabetization' to rearrange words, that seem to be twined into a wreath, worthy of decorating a fallen hero's grave.

Memorial Day | Unscramble the Sentences

Hit the high spots and unscramble the jumbled sentences in this interesting section. Every sentence promises to commemorate the true spirit of this honorable occasion.

Memorial Day | Color the Flag

Take pride in this activity of coloring the American Flag symbolizing purity and innocence, bravery and strength and vigilance and justice in this Memorial day themed worksheet.

Memorial Day | Flag - Quiz

Make the most of this opportunity to explore many more interesting facts about "Old Glory" or "the Stars and Stripes" with this engaging quiz worksheet on our National Flag.

Memorial Day - Crossword

Do the words "across" and "down" ring a bell? Great job! It's crossword time indeed. Swerve around this Memorial Day themed grid to unravel interesting information about the Memorial Day.

Memorial Day - Writing Prompts

Make a great writing head start with our highly creative, reflective and informative writing prompts worksheet to pay the most befitting tribute to the country's martyrs.

Memorial Day - Reading Comprehension

Understanding the true significance of Memorial day and also friendship makes this endearing story a must read. Equally thought-provoking is our reading comprehension worksheet that follows.