Back-to-School Worksheets

Welcome back to school! Explore a scholastic collection of captivating activities on the first-day of the school. A perfect blend of back-to-school worksheets to introduce oneself like all about me, eye-catching cut-paste-activity, engage in finding words related to 'school' with word search and worksheets from kindergarten through grade 5 are enclosed. Plug into our free worksheets and get yourself back on track!

All About Me!

Kick-start the first day of school by introducing oneself to your schoolfellows and class teacher by disclosing your name, age, birthday; well-liked color, food, toy and more with this fascinating worksheet.

Back-to-School Activity

Keenly observe and find the missing letters to complete the word in each cell. Cut out the pictures from page 2 and place them accordingly on page 1 in this merrymaking cut-paste-activity worksheet.

Back-to-School Word Search

Engage the interest of students with this amusing and thought-provoking word search worksheet. Discover ten words that are arranged horizontally and vertically related to the theme 'School'.

Kindergarten Back-to-School

Gain access to the forerunner of math skills with intriguing activities like count-compare: add and subtract the picture, read and color, identify and match shapes with the real-life objects and more are included.

Grade 1 Worksheets

Hone your fundamental skills with these all-inclusive back-to-school worksheets for grade 1 children. The printable pdfs include addition and subtraction, reading clocks, size comparison and place value worksheets.

Grade 2 Worksheets

This set of grade 2 back-to-school worksheets facilitate to skip count by 5s and 10s using number lines, missing numbers, skills like count and write coins and bills, data analysis using tally and bar graphs and a few more are endowed.

Grade 3 Worksheets

Reinforce the concept of multiplication and division with a handful of word problems, identify and shade fractions, learn to round off numbers and determine the area and perimeter of regular shapes in these grade 3 worksheets.

Grade 4 Worksheets

Employ our finest collection of grade 4 pdf worksheets to enhance your skill set on factoring, identifying prime or composite numbers, lines, rays and line segments and more are enclosed here.

Grade 5 Worksheets

Navigate through these grade 5 back-to-school worksheets with a fistful of printable handouts on writing decimals in standard and expanded form, fractions involving arithmetic operations, ordered pairs, and volume.