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U.S. Symbols and Monuments Worksheets

This extensive collection of printable worksheets is designed for kids of grade 1 through grade 7, teaches the significance of national symbols and monuments created to remember milestones or to honor people. Charts, flashcards and activities like identifying and labeling U.S. symbols and monuments; exercises on the American flag, great seal, pledge, bald eagle, etc; reading comprehensions on Mount Rushmore, Capitol Hill, Liberty Bell, and a multitude of coloring worksheets have been included here. Explore some of these handouts for free!

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U.S Symbols and Monuments | Chart

This visually appealing show-and-tell chart designed for 1st grade and 2nd grade helps identify the U.S. symbols and monuments with ease as kids try and make an association between the names and the images and improve memory with repetition.

Symbols and Monuments | Coloring Book

This assemblage of 16 coloring worksheets featuring American symbols and monuments is apt for children of grade 1 through grade 5. Enhance creativity and fine motor skills and learn to recognize the symbols and monuments in the process.

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Identify and label the symbols & monuments

An interesting eye-catchy worksheet pdf created for kids to identify the symbols and monuments and label the images using words from the word box. Serves best in testing recognition skills of grade 3 kids.

Cut-and-paste activity

Snip the images, sort them as symbols and monuments and glue them in the appropriate columns of the T-chart presented in this worksheet.

Identify the Symbols and Monuments - MCQ

Instantly reflect on what you have learned with this MCQ worksheet. Direct kids to keenly observe the images, identify the 9 U.S. symbols and monuments and check the correct option and gauge kids' knowledge and recognition skills.

Symbols and Monuments | Flashcards

Flashcards are an effective way to study and retain factual knowledge. Cut out each card with the images and descriptions of each symbol and monument and improve student engagement and memory with this batch of attractive flashcards.

Match the descriptions

How well do you know the symbols and monuments? Test your knowledge with this printable matching worksheet. Read the description carefully and identify the symbol or monument referred to and make a one-to-one correspondence between them.

American Flag | Answer the following

Brainstorm kids to assess prior knowledge of the American flag. Let kids research and gather information about the flag and figure out answers to the who, when and what of the flag and find out what each color and component signifies.

American National Symbols | Quiz

Test general knowledge and assist kids in learning a little more about the national mammal, the national tree, the national flower, the national flag and the national motto by answering simple questions in this pdf worksheet for grade 4 and grade 5.

American Bald Eagle | MCQ

How much do you know about the majestic bird? Let children recall from memory of what they know, to answer this quiz on American Bald Eagle, the national bird of America and append some interesting facts to their knowledge.

The Great Seal of the U.S. | Fill in the blanks

Specifically dealing with the great seal, this third-grade worksheet presents important facts associated with the great seal. Read the sentences carefully and complete them with words from the word box.

Pledge of Allegiance | Printable Chart

Mornings begin with standing, hand over heart, to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. flag. Employ this chart and memorize the words of the pledge, recite it each day and demonstrate respect for the national flag.

Pledge of Allegiance | Fill in the blanks

This printable worksheet is based on the pledge of allegiance. Assess memory of grade 2 and grade 3 kids as, they complete the pledge of allegiance with words from the word bank. Learn the words of a key patriotic exercise in the process.

Symbols and Monuments on Coins

Have you ever observed the coins? Do you know which symbol or monument is depicted on the coins? Check if grade 2 and grade 3 kids are able to identify the symbols and monuments on coins and connect them to their names.

Symbols and Monuments | Word Search

The objective of this puzzle is to find and mark all the national symbols and monuments hidden in the grid horizontally or vertically. Kids learn new words and their spellings by intensively searching for them, letter by letter, in the puzzle.

U.S. Symbols and Monuments | What am I?

Can you guess which monument or symbol is described in each 'What am I?' riddle featured in this pdf worksheet? Create lots of fun with this intellectual challenge as 3rd grade and 4th grade kids identify the symbols and monuments and review knowledge.

Liberty Bell | Reading Comprehension Passage

Read about this iconic symbol the Liberty Bell, how it was made, its crack and other important facts about the bell with this passage. Included here are a variety of exercises to gauge understanding of 2nd grade kids.

Mount Rushmore | Reading Comprehension Passage

How about a trip to Mount Rushmore? Know the how, why, when and many other facts of Mount Rushmore. Test comprehension of 5th grade and 6th grade students with the exercise worksheet.

U.S. Seal | Reading Comprehension Passage

Perhaps not many national monuments are as iconic as the U.S. Seal. The Seal serves multiple purposes of supreme importance. The pick of the printable worksheet is a question asking children to find the author's purpose in the text among other questions.

The Presidential Residence | Reading Comprehension Passage

Who doesn't want to visit the White House and bask in the glory of the majestic building? The Presidential Residence gives you a comprehensive account of the White House. Students will love completing the White House chart and there's more in store for them.

Capitol Hill | Reading Comprehension Passage

The U.S. Capitol Building, its design, construction, neighborhood and the like are explained in this passage created for 7th grade students. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.

U.S Flag

Replete with stars and stripes, the American flag symbolizes the great American spirit. The flag is just as great as any other monument. Dive deep into "the American Flag" with this pdf worksheet, and answer a few questions that test your comprehension skills.

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