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Rules and Laws Worksheets

Our printable rules and laws worksheets shed light on dual sets of principles, one enforced by the state and the other by social norms. While laws are legally binding, rules are more informal but expected to be followed nonetheless. Get kindergarten through grade 3 kids to identify rules and laws, among other activities focused on school rules, home rules, digital classroom rules, and different types of laws. Take a look at our free rules and laws worksheets!

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Coloring Rules Green

Presented in this pdf is a set of imperatives, some of which are rules and some of which are not. Instruct young learners to hone in on the rules and color them a lush green.

Writing Rules

Buoyed by pictures, this exercise expects grade 1 and grade 2 children to discern the traffic rule depicted in each case, and write it in the space provided.

Identifying Rules and Laws

Straddle the line that divides rules and laws and reiterate the differences between the two using this segment, where the task is to circle the rules and cross out the laws.

Is It a Rule or a Law?

Here's yet another worksheet focused firmly on what sets rules apart from laws. Take in the sentences, figure out if they talk about a rule or a law, and shade the correct circles.

Sorting Rules and Laws | Cut and Glue

Bring to mind that laws are enforced by formal authority figures, while rules are not. Sort the statements into rules and laws, and glue them under the correct category.

Sorting Rules and Laws | Coloring

Watch 1st grade and 2nd grade kids paint this worksheet in a sea of blue, interspersed by splashes of bright yellow, as they tell rules from laws, coloring away to their hearts' content.

Is the Rule Violated or Valued?

Chock-full of realistic scenarios, this part of our printable rules and laws worksheets tasks students in 2nd grade and 3rd grade with discerning if a rule or law has been valued or violated in each case.

Completing Sentences on Rules and Laws

A quick rundown of all there is to know about rules and laws, this exercise contains statements meant to be completed by choosing one of the options displayed on top.

Identifying School Rules

Familiarize children with the fact that different environments come with different sets of rules, illustrating the point further with this worksheet where they identify school rules.

Is it a Rule or Not?

Analyzing whether these principles call for good behavior is the mantra kids need to master before they take on this exercise on recognizing rules in the midst of non-rules.

Recognizing School Rules and Home Rules

Be it a student at school or a child at home, the expectation of good behavior remains the same, but the rules differ. Figure out if the given rules are meant for school or home.

Rules and Laws | Fill in the Blanks

Delve deep into the necessity of laws with the help of these statements. Choose from the terms listed at the top and complete the sentences about the significance of laws.

Types of Laws | Cut and Glue

Laws have dimensions aplenty and morph themselves to fit different arenas. Explore the types of laws that aid in the smooth functioning of both government and society.

Completing Digital-Classroom Rules

With the pandemic having reshaped education, it is all the more important to understand the etiquette of the digital classroom. Complete the rules by shading the correct options.

Rules and Consequences | Cut and Glue

Ever wondered what would happen if you broke a rule or law? This section of our rules and laws worksheets explains such consequences with the help of an exciting cut-and-glue activity.

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