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Natural Resources Worksheets

Our natural resources are the lifeline of our planet Earth. Access our natural resources worksheets for students of grade 4 through grade 8 to learn the definitions, types and classification of natural resources with our printable charts. Gather plenty of information with our quiz, fill-in, word search exercises and sensitize children toward the conservation of natural resources with our writing activities. And don't miss out on having loads of fun with our hands-on activities. Take a quick jaunt into our free worksheets now!

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Types of Resources | Chart

Make use of this printable chart for children of grade 4 and grade 5, to define resources and the three types like natural, human and capital. Know what each refers to with examples that will bring intelligibility to these terms and definitions.

Identifying the type of Resources

Are you on a lookout for a quick but effective exercise to strengthen the knowledge of your students in distinguishing between the types of resources? Here's our pdf exercise to meet your requirement most suitably.

Natural Resources Classification Chart

Natural resources are classified in various ways, based on their source of origin, renewability factor and on development. It is essential to know and understand these types, which can be very well done with this printable chart.

Biotic or Abiotic Resources

Engage 4th grade and 5th grade children with this hands-on cut and glue activity pdf of sorting the pictures into biotic and abiotic resources. Such exercises promote active learning to help concepts stick in their memory for long.

Identifying Natural and Capital Resources

We have learned that capital resources are man-made in contrast to natural resources that come from nature. Let's work through this printable exercise of identifying these resources and cement the concept.

Renewable vs Non-renewable Resources

Broaden the understanding of children of grade 5 and grade 6 in differentiating between renewable and non-renewable resources to build sensitivity towards the resources that we all must use discreetly.

Filling in Resourcefully

If children are unfamiliar with the terms like the 4 R's of conservation, fossil fuel or hydroelectricity, then this pdf exercise will help them out. Using the fill-in-the-blank format, it will bring a lot of information to light.

Natural Resources | Word Hunt

Kids in 5th grade and 6th grade will love solving this word hunt activity using all their mental resources, as they decode the clues and find the answers in the grid. It's a lot of excitement combined with a lot of learning!

Natural Resources and their Uses

Match each natural resource to the product that is made of it, and then to its use. In addition to the information that students gain from this pdf exercise, they will also take a moment to reflect on these precious gifts of nature.

Quiz on Natural Resources

Review important concepts like non-renewable resources, sustainable development, the difference between exhaustible and inexhaustible resources by having students of grade 6 and grade 7 take up this interesting quiz worksheet.

Conservation | Writing Prompt

Conservation is no longer a matter of choice; it is an essential and the way to maintain life on this planet for the generations to come. Sensitize 7th grade children on conserving our natural resources with this wonderful writing prompt pdf.

Resource Depletion | Fishbone

Have students indulge in this productive learning activity of listing out the causes and the effects of the depletion of our natural resources, using a template of the fishbone diagram in this very innovative printable activity.

Earth Day Activities

Working through our informative and enjoyable set of worksheets on the theme of Earth Day will greatly supplement the knowledge of natural resources, besides providing the opportunity to raise awareness for a healthier planet.

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