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State Flags of the U.S. Worksheets

The flags of the fifty states of America vividly portray their glorious historical pasts, regional influences, distinctive symbols of their landscapes and resources that they take pride in. Our U.S. States flags' worksheets present these state symbols and cultural icons in all their glory, with activities that include printable flash cards, fact cards, matching, labeling, word search and reading comprehension exercises. These practice handouts are highly recommended for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade kids. Free resources are also available.

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Printable Flag of USA

Make use of this pdf display flag of the United States of America for a variety of learning purposes. Know the significance of the red and white stripes or of the blue canton with 50 five-pointed stars.

Coloring the American Flag

Put the colors red, blue and white together, as you take pride in coloring the "The Star-Spangled Banner". Let the colors of the pales and the chief evoke purity, valor and justice in our hearts.

The Stars and Stripes

Enliven the honor and grandeur of our national symbol, with this U.S. Flag worksheet for grade 2 and grade 3. Answering some interesting factual questions about the flag will certainly help children to review their knowledge.

The Fifty State Flags - Chart

Acquaint kids better, with the distinctive symbols, styles and design principles of these fifty State Flags of America, in the form of a printable chart that can be used for a variety of learning purposes.

50 State Flags - Flashcards

Our flashcards of the fifty American state flags can be used as a simple, versatile and valuable resource for a variety of fun activities to make the right impact on our young learners.

USA State Flags - Memory Game

Our extensive pdf worksheet offers a multidimensional learning experience using fifty flag cards, cards with names and capitals of all states and fifty fact cards containing important facts about each state's flag.

Flags and States

Use this engrossing word box exercise to identify and name the states that the flags represent. This will provide kids with this worthwhile opportunity to recall and revise relevant knowledge.

Identifying State Flags

Elementary school children will enjoy doing this exercise of naming the states by recognizing their respective flags. It can be conveniently used as a super fun, competitive group activity.

Match the States to their Flags

Involve students in this enjoyable activity of matching the states to their flags to enhance or strengthen their recognition skills of the flags and states that they belong to.

States and their Flags

Learning by doing is always the most effective and engaging tool. Hence our kinesthetic learners will get going with this pdf worksheet enthusiastically to cut the state's name cards and glue them against their flags.

Flags - State Search

Cultivate interest in kids to look for the names of the states using the flags as hints, in this word search activity of our U.S. states flags' worksheet. This is also a great way to boost their working memory.

The American Flag - Reading Passage

Indulge children of grade 4 and grade 5 in this wonderful literary treat of a reading comprehension passage about the flags of the fifty states followed by an equally interesting exercise.

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