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Famous Women in History Worksheets

Our extensive collection of worksheets on famous women in history will take young historians of grade 4, grade 5 and grade 6 back in time to celebrate the myriad accomplishments of women heroes who strongly influenced the history of the world. Know the famous female rulers, suffragists, Nobel Laureates, pioneers, the first ladies of America with our fact flashcards, fill-in, matching, identifying, quiz, word search and reading comprehension exercises.

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Famous Women | Flashcards

4th grade and 5th grade children learn more about some notable women who have made their mark on the history of the world, using these informative picture flashcard printables for multiple activities.

Famous Women Rulers - Fill in

Let children get to know more about these heroic and fierce women monarchs and heads of states, who have had a great impact on the history of the world with this famous-women-rulers worksheet pdf.

Identify and Name the Suffragists

Extend kids' learning of the struggle for voting rights in America resulting in the 19th Amendment. Identify and label pictures of courageous women in this pdf worksheet on suffrage activists for grade 5.

Afro-American Women in History

Children of elementary school will enjoy brushing up their knowledge of some very famous African - American women trailblazers using this cut-and-glue activity pdf.

Women Nobel Laureates | MCQ

Learn about the truly inspirational women figures with this printable MCQ worksheet on the Nobel Laureates, whose accomplishments were honored with the most prestigious award.

Inspirational Quotes - Who said this?

Inspire students with invaluable words of wisdom by some notable female achievers. Use this worksheet pdf to familiarize 6th grade children with the quotes and identify the famous women who said them.

Famous Women Pioneers | Quiz

This printable quiz is a great learning or review activity for 5th grade children, studying women's history to know more about these women trailblazers who left indelible marks in their respective fields.

The First Ladies | Word search

Does your 4th grade student know the names of the first ladies of America? Teaching them this will become not just less daunting, but enjoyable with this word search activity pdf.

Influential Women of the 21st century

Let students meet some of the most influential women of the 21st century like Malala Yousafzai, Indra Nooyi and more. Students will match each picture with the name and the job role in this pdf worksheet.

Women Suffrage | Reading Passage

Our printable non-fiction reading passage worksheet will certainly get young historians step back in time to expand their knowledge about the women's suffrage movement with a comprehension exercise.

Helen Keller | Reading Passage

Read about the inspiring story of Helen Keller and her remarkable accomplishments despite her physical challenges, and complete an engaging comprehension quiz pdf.

Virginia Apgar | Reading Passage

Read more about Dr Virginia Apgar and her contributions to the fields of gynecology and obstetrics in this biography worksheet. Additionally, hone reading and comprehension skills.

Women History Month

Make use of our versatile printable resources on Women's History Month that feature, coloring, matching, identifying, solving crosswords, puzzles and riddles, and writing exercises.

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