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Learning the names, geographical expanse and interesting facts about our oceans can be fun, easy, and enjoyable with our 'Five Oceans of the World' printable maps, appealing worksheets and interesting activities. We have colorful maps, fact flashcards, riddles, a crossword puzzle, exercises to identify and locate the oceans and many more PDFs in store for children of grade 2 through grade 5, to explore, learn and absorb. Fly-start your practice with our free ocean worksheets!

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The Five Oceans of the World

Familiarize 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids with the five oceans of the world, the single body of water that encircles our planet earth. This printable map indicates the names and the expanse of each of these five oceans.

Know Your Oceans - Chart with Facts

Feed some interesting facts about our world's oceans, to our inquisitive young minds, using our flashcard pdf worksheet. It may also serve as a comprehensive informational chart.

Label the Oceans using the Word Box

Help children of grade 3 and grade 4, identify and label the oceans on the map, using the word box. This visual practice exercise will enable them to distinguish the expanse of the oceans.

Name the Oceans

Give children of elementary school, this opportunity to name the five major oceans, using this printable map to make the exercise more appealing and effective, especially for visual learners.

Unscramble and Number the Oceans

Learning about oceans will become much more enjoyable with this pdf worksheet, when kids get to unscramble the names of the oceans and locate them on the map. Let them take a dive at it right away!

Match the Oceans with Facts

Supplement knowledge of the five oceans of the world, with this interesting exercise involving matching the oceans with their corresponding facts, that 4th grade and 5th grade kids will love to know about.

Oceans - Crossword

It will not be easy to keep little ones, from jumping at this crossword puzzle on our global oceans and emerge sufficiently informed and excited to know some more.

Oceans - Fill In

Our printable ocean worksheet will essentially help young learners in both, assessing and increasing their learning about the five major oceans of the world, with this fill-in exercise.

Which Ocean am I?

Wouldn't it be very exciting to engage in this enjoyable riddle activity to crack the names of the oceans? It certainly will be. Let's see how quickly our enthusiastic minds know which ocean it is!

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