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Transportation Worksheets

Hitch your wagon to the star with our printable transportation worksheets that have all the highways and byways covered and are sure to bring your preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 kids' learning on track. Our smorgasbord of engaging pdfs packed with exercises to identify the means of transportation and categorize the different types of vehicles based on the modes of transportation used as ground, water, or air will put kids in their own wheelhouse. Hit the road with our free transportation worksheets and come back for more!

Select the Type

Means of Transportation Chart

Fuel your wanderlust, and choose your favorite vehicle from an extensive list of vehicles featured in our printable transportation chart. Hone their vocabulary and spelling skills in the process.

Vehicles Match Up

Kindergarten kids step it up a gear as they identify the cartoon vehicles in this types of transportation worksheet pdf and make one-to-one correspondence between the vehicles and their names.

Circling the Land Transportation

The wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long! Learning will now be a mile a minute as kids in preschool identify the vehicles in this land transportation worksheet, and circle the ones that ply on the ground.

Coloring the Water Transportation

Whether you like to explore the underwater world in a submarine, or sail off to unknown shores, this water transportation worksheet is your kid's own stomping ground. Spark enthusiasm as kids recognize and color the means of water transportation.

Checking the Air Transportation

Broaden the horizons of your jet-setters in preschool and kindergarten with this worksheet on air transportation. Get kids acquainted with the feats of technology that make travel faster and safer.

Scouting the Odd One Out

Observe the pictures keenly and ponder over how these pictures are related to each other. Categorize them based on the modes of transportation, scout out the one that doesn't belong in each set and check it.

Modes of Transportation | Cut and Glue

Jump on the bandwagon and get little hands busy with this modes of transportation worksheet pdf. Grade 1 kids snip around the little boxes, categorize them as land, water, and air transportation and glue them in the appropriate columns.

Community Helpers and Their Special Vehicles

Lead the firefighter to the fire engine, the soldier to his tanker as kids trace the path to figure out whose ride each is. Take this as an opportunity to teach the importance of community helpers and the special vehicles they use.

Fill in the Blanks

This is where the rubber meets the road. Test your kindergarten and 1st grade kids with this transportation worksheet where they look at the picture clues and write the means and modes of transport to complete the sentences.

What Am I?

Go the extra mile with this printable transportation riddle. Read the clues and identify the vehicle described. Watch out for the little bursts of joy when your little one figures out the vehicle from its description and matches it to the picture.

Transportation Word Search

Rehearsing the spelling over and over again, encouraging the brain to stay focused, developing concentration, building the essential vocabulary all this blended with loads of fun is what this means of transportation worksheet is all about.

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