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Materials and Properties Worksheets

Step into a world of varying textures and features with our printable properties and materials worksheets. Explore day-to-day objects while getting to know that the materials they are fashioned from dictate their properties. A treat for grade 1 through grade 4 kids, these exercises encompass materials like glass, wood, and fabric, along with properties like transparency, hardness, and luster. Try our free materials properties worksheets to kick-start your practice!

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Sorting Objects Based on Materials

While a tire is most often made from rubber, a beach ball owes its lightness to plastic. Figure out the material each object is made of and write its name under the correct column.

Identifying Properties of Objects

It's adjectives galore in this pdf! The task is to identify the textural and physical properties of the objects given. Focus on the look and feel of the object, and you're good to go.

Recognizing Properties of Objects

Remember that a windowpane is transparent thanks to glass, while boots are waterproof all because of leather. Recall such facts to fill in the blanks with the properties of objects.

Classifying Objects Based on Materials

Here's a delightful cut-and-glue pdf much to the joy of 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids. Spruce up their sessions by getting them to sort objects based on the materials they are made of.

Pairing Objects with Properties

Be it the bumpy texture of a shell, or the rough surface of a pineapple, children will have no trouble cruising through this part of our materials and properties worksheets.

Coloring Properties of Objects

A glass may be both smooth and transparent, but it is obvious that its transparency is the more noticeable feature. Cull out the adjective that best fits and color it in.

Identifying MaterialsĀ of Objects

Pick up on the pictorial clues peppered across the sentences and arrive at the materials used to make each object featured in this printable exercise for 3rd grade and 4th grade.

Matching Objects and Properties | Cut and Glue

Apart from the material each object is made from, its shape is also presented as a clue in this worksheet. Instruct kids to identify the object, cut out the picture card, and glue it.

Sorting Objects Based on Properties

Some objects are rough, while some are hot; a few of them are yellow, while a few are heavy. Classify the objects based on such properties, and glue them in the correct columns.

Properties of Objects Chart

Go beyond the sound, odor, and color of an object, getting down to finer details such as buoyancy and malleability, using this chart that belongs on your child's study wall.

Checking Objects with Specified Properties

Adding volume to our properties and materials worksheets is this segment, where the task is for learners to check the object that exhibits the specified property in each set of pictures.

Identifying Common Properties

Put your observation skills to the test as you grasp the common thread that connects each set of objects. Once the property has been isolated, check the correct option.

Matching Objects and Materials

Simple, but no less effective, this exercise will have 1st grade and 2nd grade kids itching to pair up the objects on the left with the appropriate materials listed on the right.

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