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Periodic Table Worksheets

Know your periodic table soup to nuts with our periodic table worksheets. A tabular display of chemical elements, the periodic table helps students feel at home with chemical elements and keeps them thoroughly and immaculately informed of the atomic numbers, electronic configurations, and chemical properties of elements. This promising set of printable worksheets for grade 5 through grade 8 includes a color-coded periodic table chart, completing the periodic table and identifying periodic table families, completing the missing parts in a table, a periodic table MCQ, and more. One of these worksheets can be downloaded for free.

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Periodic Table | Chart

Help grade 5, grade 6, and grade 7 children crack an intriguing aspect of chemistry! Get the hang of a periodic table that delineates aspects of a chemical element: its mass, electron configuration, chemical properties, and more.

Identifying Periodic Table Families

There are various families of elements like alkali metals, basic metals, transition metals, and more. In this color-coded pdf worksheet, 5th grade and 6th grade students complete the missing parts and identify the nine periodic table families.

Subatomic Particles

An atomic number is the number of protons in a nucleus; a mass number is the number of protons and neutrons. The task in this printable worksheet is to write the missing pieces of information in a table.

Identifying the Elements

Watch 7th grade and 8th grade students display an elite knowledge of elements in this periodic table MCQ pdf, where they read each fact and recognize which of the three given elements best represents it.

Periodic Table | Testing Your Knowledge

On the left side of this middle school pdf exercise is part of the information about an element, and on the right side is a question that tests students' awareness of its name, symbol, atomic number, or atomic mass.

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