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Dinosaur Worksheets

Our printable dinosaur worksheets invite the budding paleontologists of preschool through grade 4 to a prehistoric party. Engaging resources like flashcards, identifying dinosaurs, examining dinosaur fossils, matching dinosaurs with their names, unscrambling dinosaur names, writing a research report, a reading comprehension get the crazy-keen kids roaring like the T. rex and charging like the Triceratops. Capitalize on our free dinosaur worksheets and head toward a great start.

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Dinosaur Flashcards

Fuel the dino obsession of your little paleontologists of grade 1 and grade 2 with these printable dinosaur flashcards and watch them rattle off the scientific names of dozens of dinosaurs in no time.

Matching Dinosaurs and Their Names

Test the dinosaur expertise of your kindergarten and 1st grade kids with this matching dinosaurs and their names worksheet pdf where kids identify the dinosaur and connect it with its name.

Identifying the Dinosaurs

The visual splendor of a towering dinosaur is enough to grab the attention of your little one. Can your curious and observant 2nd grade kid identify the dinosaurs in this pdf and write their names using words from the word box?

Herbivorous vs. Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Keep the hands of your dinosaur-crazed kids of grade 3 busy as they go snipping around the dinosaur picture cards. Classify the dinosaurs as herbivores if they are plant eaters and carnivores if they are meat eaters and glue them in correct columns.

Unscrambling Dinosaur Names

Soup up spelling skills by fixing a string of sassy dinosaur names in this word game. The Elkonin boxes in this dinosaur worksheet pdf have the misspelled names of the dinosaurs. Get kids to unscramble the letters and spell the names of the dinosaurs correctly.

Dinosaurs and Their Fossils

Fossils are the reason we know these humongous creatures existed on earth. Exciting and inspiring the imagination of kids, this printable dinosaur worksheet gets them examining the fossils and recognizing the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Names and Their Meanings

How did dinosaurs get their names? Do you know who the "speedy thief" is? Let children read the meanings describing the body parts, location or behavior of the dinosaurs, identify their names, and write them in the space provided.

Color by Number

Coloring, a favorite pastime of preschool and kindergarten goers when topped with number and color identification provides ample opportunities for fun and learning. Kids color the picture using the color key and watch the dinosaur come to life.

Fill in the Blanks

Fossils, paleontologist, the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras are some terms your grade 3 and grade 4 kids will come across in this printable dinosaur worksheet as they read each sentence and complete it.

Dinosaur Research Template

Develop a knowledge base about these mysterious creatures that were an epitome of strength, speed and power. Let your 3rd and 4th grade kids research about a dinosaur of their choice, discover interesting facts, and pen them down.

Dinosaur Reading Comprehension

Watch non-fiction feed the interest of your grade 1 and grade 2 kids like never before with this dinosaur reading comprehension "A monster from long ago" where kids get acquainted with T. rex, the King of the Tyrant Lizards.