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Animal Habitats Worksheets

Bask in the learning offered by our printable animal habitats worksheets that take kids of kindergarten through grade 3 on a journey around the world from the dry and arid deserts to treeless grasslands to towering mountains to the chilly Arctic, and to the lush green forests to get them acquainted with the animals that thrive in these natural surroundings. With a mixture of activities like identifying the habitats, matching, and sorting, this array of pdfs encourages kids on the road to profound knowledge. Let the adventure begin with our free animal habitats worksheets!

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Animal Habitats Chart

Expand beyond the realm of worksheets with this printable animal habitats chart. The captivating pictures with bold labels familiarize kindergarten kids with desert, ocean, Arctic, grasslands, and forest habitats.

Identifying Animal Habitats

Habitats are the natural surroundings conducive for animals to thrive. Supercharge your kids' learning with this identifying animal habitats worksheet, where they identify and write the name of the habitat.

Matching Animals to Their Habitats

Scads of fun trickle in as kindergarten and 1st grade kids get ready to drop the animals back home. Instruct them to match the animals to their habitats and learn about different environments.

Circling Ocean Animals

Have a whale of a time as you dive into this ocean animal pdf and flow with the current alongside the sharks, dolphins, turtles, and other ocean dwellers, identifying and circling the animals that live there.

Identifying Forest Animals

Be in the company of lions, tigers, elephants, and other forest inhabitants, check the images of forest animals and write their names in this printable worksheet on identifying animals in the forest habitat.

Mountain Animals

Reach the summit of habitat learning as you color the animals and write their names, taking cues from the words in the word box. This mountain animals worksheet pdf is definitely not a mountain climb.

Sorting Land and Water Animals

Kindle enthusiasm in grade 1 and grade 2 kids as they cut the images, sort and glue them as land and water animals. Call it fun or call it learning, this animal habitats worksheet has oodles of both.

Desert Animals

Segue into the endless landscape filled with heaps of sand with this desert animals worksheet. Mount onto the camel, compete with roadrunners, and crawl with spiders as you name the desert animals.

Fill in the Blanks with Animals and Their Habitats

Brainstorm kids about the importance of homes and subtly steer the conversation toward animal habitats. Get grade 1 and grade 2 kids to identify the animals, write their names along with their habitats.

Arctic Animals

Although the Arctic experiences extreme climates and is covered with sea ice, it is teeming with wildlife like walruses and polar bears. Skim through the list, and sort animals as Arctic and Non-Arctic.

Savannah, Wetlands, Rainforest, Desert, and Arctic Tundra

Exponentially grow knowledge with this animal habitats worksheet pdf where grade 2 and grade 3 kids glue the appropriate description and animal specific to habitats like Savannah, wetlands, rainforest, desert, and Arctic Tundra.

Classifying Animals Based on Their Habitats

Ratchet up excitement, classifying animals based on their habitat. Let 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids term the land animals terrestrial, water dwellers aquatic, fliers and gliders aerial, tree dwellers arboreal, and the land and water animals amphibians.