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Food Groups and Nutrition Worksheets

Our printable food groups and nutrition worksheets enlighten kids in kindergarten through grade 5 and ensure they gravitate toward healthy eating. Every worksheet in this collection is unique and serves a distinct purpose. Kids are introduced to the five major food groups and the food they comprise with a chart, and follow it up with matching and sorting exercises. They figure out what's on their plate, comprehend the six essential nutrients and their functions, make their own food pyramid, and orchestrate meal plans for the week as well. Our free food groups and nutrition worksheets are a good place to begin your food awareness journey.

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The Five Food Groups | Chart

What are the five food groups? Grains, fruit, vegetables, proteins, and dairy products creep into this printable five food groups chart to answer your query and subsequently make way onto your plate.

Matching Food to the Food Group

Chicken is to protein, as an apple is to fruit, kids in kindergarten make one-to-one correspondence between each food item and its group in this matching the food to the food group worksheet pdf.

Sorting Foods into Groups

What better way to learn about food than taking your kids on grocery shopping? Get the five food groups shopping carts rolling as grade 1 and grade 2 kids sort the items in the box and fill their carts.

My Healthy Eating Plate | Chart

Whip up some grains, fruit, veggies, proteins, and dairy products and watch your plate turn into a balanced meal. The printable food groups and nutrition chart emphasizes the importance of nutrients.

What's on My Plate? | Cut and Glue

Being mindful of what you eat is vital! This what's on my plate pdf worksheet is so functional that 1st grade and 2nd grade kids will look forward to snipping the food items and gluing them onto their plates.

The Six Essential Nutrients

This six essential nutrients worksheet is a ticket to test your grade 3 and grade 4 kids as they unscramble the nutrients, write two examples for each, and match the nutrient with its function.

Identifying the Nutrients and Writing their Functions

Make kids cognizant of the six nutrients carbs, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and water, their functions and effects on our body as they complete the table in this nutrition worksheet.

Food Pyramid | Chart

To stay healthy you must eat a balanced diet. This food pyramid or healthy eating pyramid chart illustrates the foods in each group and the portion to be consumed by your little ones in 3rd grade.

Completing the Food Pyramid

Inspire 4th grade and 5th grade kids to eat right as they identify the food groups, ponder on the foods included in each, think of an item they like, and draw it to complete the food pyramid pdf.

Weekly Healthy Meal Plan | Template

Design an easy-to-follow meal plan with this printable weekly healthy meal planner template. Create a combo of grains, fruit, and veggies, proteins and dairy products in every meal to satiate your taste buds!

Healthy and Unhealthy Foods Worksheets

Deciding what's healthy and what isn't will no longer be one of life's mysteries. Cook up a storm with our fun and engaging exercises and watch kids grow into healthy food smart individuals.

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