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Landforms and Bodies of Water Worksheets

The prominence of a majestic mountain, the expanse of a sea, the roaring waterfall; dazzles the senses. The mere perception of the landforms and bodies of water on the earth leaves one awestruck. Navigate through these major landforms and bodies of water printable worksheets featuring exercises like identification, labeling, matching, landforms vocabulary accompanied by simple, comprehensive definitions and charts give a vivid understanding of the concept to kids of grade 1 through grade 4. Procure some of these worksheets for free!

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Landforms and Bodies of Water Chart

Motivate kids to grasp and retain the names of various landforms and bodies of water with this chart. Enhance the vocabulary of 1st grade and 2nd grade kids with this types of landforms and bodies of water chart.

Landforms Chart | Flashcards

This landforms chart can be used as an anchor chart or the individual units can be made into flashcards to facilitate repetition. Show each card and help kids identify the landforms and learn to spell them as well.

Bodies of Water Chart | Flashcards

Brainstorm kids of what they know about the various bodies of water. Bolster recognition and spellings of kids with this aesthetically appealing bodies of water chart pdf that could be used as flashcards too.

Geographical Features Descriptions

Apt and concise description of each landform and body of water is clearly stated in these flashcards for grade 3 and grade 4 and comes handy in active recall and repetition of the geographical features.

Label the Physical Features | Word bank

Kids apply their understanding of the concept to identify the images of landforms and waterways and label them accordingly using the words from the word bank.

Name the Geographical Features

Brush up skills of your children in identifying the geographical features with this worksheet featuring images of various landforms and bodies of water. Write their names as well.

Identify the Landforms | Diagram

This visually appealing printable worksheet encompasses various landforms in a single diagram. Children are expected to identify and label the landforms marked.

Identify the Bodies of Water | Diagram

Observe the bodies of water diagram, figure out the different bodies of water marked in the diagram and write their names to complete this pdf worksheet.

Geographic Features | Vocabulary

This defining each geographical feature vocabulary worksheet for 3rd grade and 4th grade children helps recapitulate the terminology and descriptions related to landforms and bodies of water.

Matching Pictures to Vocabulary

This geographical features matching activity worksheet provides kids of grade 1 and grade 2 an opportunity to make a one-to-one correspondence between the image and the vocabulary word.

Matching Vocabulary to Description

This interesting pdf worksheet encompasses the physical feature vocabulary words and their descriptions. Read the description and correlate it with the vocabulary word.

Physical Features | Cut and paste

Direct the kids to snip the picture cards, categorize them as landforms and water formations and glue them in the appropriate columns in this printable landform-cut-paste activity worksheet.

Geographical Features | Crossword

This novel approach assists kids to learn and remember the terminology. Figure out the landforms and water bodies from the clues given as images and write their names in the crossword grid.

Fill in the blanks

Test knowledge of children with this fill in the blank worksheet. The sentences have blanks with the key vocabulary word missing, read the sentences carefully and plug in the appropriate words.

Major Geographical Features | North America

The main objective of this major geographical features map is to help children identify the landforms and bodies of water on the map of North America.

Label the Geographical Features on the Map

Follow up with this label the geographical features on the map of North America worksheet. Strengthen the spatial and mapping skills of children and help them comprehend the geography of North America.

Memory Game | Activity Cards

Wrap up the topic with this memory activity. Snip apart the pictures, vocabulary and descriptions, glue them onto card stock and get your activity cards ready. Kids flip the activity cards, map the image to the correct vocabulary or description.

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