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Needs of Plants and Animals Worksheets

Give a warm welcome to these printable needs of plants and animals worksheets jam-packed with activities for kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 kids to identify the needs of plants, needs of animals, needs of a pet, and needs of human beings too. Brainstorm kids and discuss where the plant or animal lives. Explain how the organism acquires its life needs, and also what happens when its needs are not met. With a variety of engaging activities like identifying, labeling, matching, and sorting, here's a bank of great go-to tools for when your little ones need practice. Kick-start your journey with our free needs of plants and animals worksheets.

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What Do Plants Need?

Ginger up kindergarten and grade 1 kids with this needs of a plant worksheet that gets them to recapitulate that plants need sunlight, water, air, soil, and space to survive and circle the basic plant needs.

Labeling the Needs of a Plant

If you haven't had your fill of identifying plant needs, then this labeling plant needs pdf should be your pick. Get kids to identify the essential requirements for the survival of plants and label them.

Needs of Animals

Kids are bound to enjoy recognizing the needs of animals like food, water, air, shelter, and space. This printable needs of animals worksheet gets kids writing the missing letters to label the needs.

Identifying the Needs of a Pet

They bark; they play fetch; they wag their tails; dogs are so much fun. This needs of a pet worksheet is a must-have for kindergarten kids as it’s easy, cute, and timeless with a puppy at its heart.

What Does the Animal Need?

Which aquatic animal needs to come to the surface to breathe? Lengthen your little one's attention span as they read the question, and identify the animal whose requirement matches the given need.

Sorting Plant and Animal Needs

Both functional and fun, this sorting plant and animal needs pdf worksheet is sure to cause a ripple of excitement as grade 1 kids snip and glue the pictures of plant and animal needs in the T-chart.

Comparing and Contrasting Plant and Animal Needs

While the cut and glue sorting activity keeps kids totally occupied, the graphic organizer takes their learning up a notch as they figure out the similarities and differences in plant and animal needs.

Unscrambling Plant Needs Vocabulary Words

In order to survive, plants need nutrients, water, air, light, and a place that has adequate space for them to grow. Kids in 1st grade will be raring to unscramble the plant needs vocabulary words in this pdf.

Basic Needs of Living Things

With the needs of plants, animals, and humans at their fingertips, grade 2 kids are sure to knock this printable basic needs worksheet out off the park, where they are expected to list out the needs.

Human Needs

Investigating the basic needs of humans is the goal of this pdf where kids in grade 2 read each sentence and choose the need that meets the specification. This activity focuses on the whys of human needs rather than just the whats.

Basic Needs of Living Things | Fill In

Thanks to this fill in the blanks exercise, your 1st grade and 2nd grade kids' learning will now be on the right track. Assess knowledge of terms and facts related to the basic needs of living organisms.

Living Organisms and Their Needs

Reiterating the fact that living organisms need resources from their environment to survive, this living things and their needs worksheet is a fillip that gets kids describing the needs of a penguin, a giraffe, a plant, and a human.