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Fruit and Vegetables Worksheets

Explore the learning cachet offered by our printable fruit and vegetables worksheets. It's no secret that nothing can beat fruit and vegetables when it comes to nutrition. Urge the little munchkins of preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 to make fruit and vegetables an integral part of their diet. The colorful pictures of fruit and veggies in our charts and flashcards will resonate with kids. Interesting exercises like coloring, matching, unscrambling, cut and glue never stops trickling in as kids gather steam practicing our fruit and vegetables pdfs. Take a sneak peek at our free fruit and vegetables worksheets and come back for a vast amount of knowledge out there, just waiting to be discovered!

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Fruit Vocabulary Chart

Treat your clan to this printable fruit vocabulary chart and add 20 fruit names to your repertoire of words. Fruit lovers of preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 are sure to rejoice over this.

Identifying and Labeling Fruit

Toss in some grapes, add in some strawberries, mash up some bananas, and this fruit treat will definitely perk up all kids in kindergarten and grade 1 as they skim through the colorful images, identifying the fruit and writing their names.

Vegetable Flashcards

Spruce up your veggie learning with this set of printable vegetable flashcards packed with visually appealing images that make even the humble onions, potatoes, turnips, and parsnips look gorgeous.

Unscrambling Vegetable Names

Are your grade 1 kids’ vegetable identifying skills as honed as their fruit identifying chops? Test them with this unscrambling vegetable names worksheet pdf, where they identify and unscramble the vegetable names.

Tracing Fruit Names and Matching Fruit Pictures to Names

Get a worksheet full of crave-worthy goodness, as your kindergarten and grade 1 kids recognize the fruit and match them to their names, trace the fruit names, and hone their vocabulary and spelling.

Circling Fruit Pictures

Satiate your little preschool and kindergarten kids’ fruit cravings and get them to distinguish between fruit and vegetables and pick only the fruit from a bunch of pictures and circle them.

Coloring Vegetables

Fresh or frozen, raw, cooked, boiled, or roasted, veggies are healthy no matter how you eat them. In this printable identifying vegetables worksheet, preschool kids need to pick and color the veggies.

Fruit and Vegetables Riddles | Who Am I?

Make spirits bright with this fruit and vegetables riddle worksheet pdf. Let 1st grade kids read the description and identify the fruit or vegetable described and write its name.

Where Do Vegetables Grow: Above or Below the Ground?

Vegetables are colorful, tasty and are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Some veggies grow above the ground, while some grow underground. Get your 1st grade kids to distinguish and sort the vegetables.

Is It a Fruit or Vegetable? | Cut and Glue

Fruit are eaten as a healthy snack, while vegetables are incorporated into a meal. Get ready for some shopping fun as you let kids categorize the pictures and glue them in the correct baskets.

Identifying Fruit and Vegetables

Stir curiosity in kids and let them experience the joy of learning firsthand as they work their way through this worksheet identifying the fruit or vegetables and checking their names.

Colors of Fruit and Vegetables

Double up your learning quotient with this fruit and vegetables worksheet pdf where fruit and veggies join hands with colors. Get kids firing on all cylinders as they complete each sentence with the fruit or vegetable name and its color.

Fruit Coloring Pages

The joy of learning becomes infectious and powerful, as elementary school kids channel their creativity by tracing and coloring the mango, pineapple, pear, watermelon, and strawberry to mention just a few.

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Vegetable Coloring Pages

Coloring vegetables is the best way to commit them to memory and a terrific way to enforce healthy eating habits. Get your little artists to trace and add color to vegetables like broccoli, onion, beet, and more!

(24 Worksheets)