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Parts of a Flower Worksheets

Explore our printable parts of a flower worksheets and get up-close and personal with the petal, stigma, pollen tube, style, ovary, anther, filament, and more. Get the curious minds grade 4 and grade 5 drawn to flowers, a bright and beautiful thing in nature, with exercises like matching flower parts to their functions, answering which-part-am-I questions, and filling in the blanks, to name a few. Teaching flower parts has never been as exciting and colorful as it is in our free parts of a flower worksheet pdfs.

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Parts of a Flower Chart

If your child examines this printable chart and learns by heart the various parts of a flower as identified and written in it in a jiffy, they deserve a bouquet of orchids.

Identifying and Labeling Parts of a Flower

The pistil is centrally located and typically consists of a swollen base. The flower at the center of this exercise will give kids oodles of inspiration as they write the names of its parts.

Labeling Floral Parts

Closely study this dissected flower and identify the parts pointed to by the arrows. Write the part names in the box where each arrow ends in this parts of a flower worksheet.

Naming Floral Parts - Cut and Glue

While your grade 4 and grade 5 kids might already be fans of a petal, they might not know what a stamen or a filament is. So, give them insights into parts of a flower with this cut and glue activity.

Parts of a Flower and Their Functions Chart

Whether it's petals that attract insects for pollination or the anther that produces pollen, each flower part serves a distinct purpose and is worthy of attention. This parts of a flower chart pdf is ideal for 4th grade and 5th grade kids.

Matching the Parts of a Flower to Their Functions

Din into kids that a sepal is the part that protects the flower bud in its developing stage, for example. Now task students with matching each flower part to the function assigned to it and that it strives to fulfill with all its heart.

Writing the Functions of Flower Parts

Call this part of our parts of a flower worksheets the flower of the flock, as it stands out by being a bit descriptive, asking the child to answer four questions about the functions of various flower parts.

Which Part Am I?

Designed to make a splash, this parts of a flower worksheet pdf, where children read each description and find which part of a flower it's talking about, is a treat for young flower enthusiasts.

Completing Statements on Flower Parts

Mastery in parts of a flower is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from this printable exercise, in which students read each sentence and complete it using an option from the word box given.

Flower Activities

Fun and fragrant, these worksheets acquaint kids with sunflowers, roses, tulips, and more. Not only do kids say hello to different flowers, they also color them, learn their names, and complete a host of other activities.

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