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Vertebrates and Invertebrates Worksheets

The Kingdom Animalia is filled with an infinite variety of creatures, with new species being discovered every year. The vertebrates and invertebrates worksheets here incorporate myriad learning opportunities like distinguishing between vertebrates and invertebrates, cut and paste activities, comprehension questions based on characteristics, intriguing charts and a lot more for children of grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4. Some of these worksheets are absolutely free of cost.

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Classification chart

This clearly laid-out chart is extensively useful in assisting kids to visualize the classification of vertebrates and invertebrates and their subcategories with appropriate pictures.

Classification of vertebrates chart

This classification-of-vertebrates chart states the five subcategories and their attributes with illustrations. This chart helps grab the attention of children instantly and retain the concept with ease.

Properties chart

Display this properties-of-vertebrates-and-invertebrates chart as an anchor chart or distribute it as a handout. The children comprehend the traits and correlate them with the examples given.

Comprehension worksheet

Once the children of grade 3 and grade 4 are familiar with the traits and classification of vertebrates and invertebrates, reiterate the concept and test their knowledge with this printable worksheet.

Identify & circle the vertebrates

Instruct 2nd grade kids to recollect the properties of vertebrates, observe the pictures, pick the vertebrates and circle them in this interesting vertebrates activity worksheet pdf.

Identify & circle the invertebrates

Review the properties of invertebrates as a precursor. Choose the invertebrates from the illustrations given and circle them in this identify the invertebrates worksheet.

Classify vertebrates and invertebrates

Observe the images and label the animals as vertebrates or invertebrates depending on the characteristics they possess in this printable classification of animals worksheet for grade 2.

Sort vertebrates and invertebrates

Read the names of the 12 animals given in the word box and sort them as vertebrates and invertebrates and write them in the appropriate columns based on their distinguishing properties.

Cut and paste activity | Sea animals

Snip the picture boxes, sort the sea creatures as vertebrates and invertebrates and glue them in the correct columns to complete this vertebrates and invertebrates activity worksheet for grade 2.

Classification | Cut and paste activity

Cut the animal picture boxes, classify them as vertebrates and invertebrates and glue them in the suitable columns in this classification of vertebrates and invertebrates worksheet pdf.

Fill in the blanks

Reinforce the concept with this fill in the blanks worksheet for grade 3. Read each sentence carefully and complete the sentence by plugging in suitable words from the word bank.

Classification chart | Graphic organizer

Test the conceptual knowledge of classification with this pdf worksheet. 3rd grade and 4th grade children are expected to fill in the blank spaces in the classification chart with appropriate categories and subcategories.