Rural, Urban, and Suburban Communities Worksheets

Embrace the spirit of togetherness with our printable rural, urban, and suburban communities worksheets curated for grade 1 through grade 4 kids. Be it the green expanse of rural settings, the lawns of suburban locales, or the hustle and bustle of urban centers, these worksheets touch upon the important features of all these communities. Our free types of communities worksheets are the best place to begin your journey!

Select the Type

Identifying Community Types | Cut and Glue

Instruct young learners to observe the key features depicted in the pictures and identify if they are representative of rural, urban, or suburban communities in this segment.

Labeling Types of Communities

Paying attention to the height and nature of buildings, while keeping an eye on the level of greenery, will go a long way in helping 1st grade and 2nd grade kids tackle this pdf.

Sorting Community Scenarios | Cut and Glue

Nestled within each description are little clues about the type of community that serves as the setting. Sort them as rural, urban, or suburban and glue them where they belong.

Identifying Communities Based on Features

Direct children's focus towards descriptive features such as the lush, open lands of rural areas, the skyscrapers of bustling cities, and the quietness of suburbs in these communities worksheets.

Matching Communities to Features

Recollect the distinct features that make life in rural, urban, and suburban environments vastly different. Match the types of communities on the left with the characteristics on the right.

Filling in Blanks with Community Types

Honing in on the background or setting of each scenario is the key to success in this exercise. Help 2nd grade and 3rd grade learners figure out the community being talked about in each case.

Statements on Communities | True or False

Assess which of the sentences about the nature of life in villages, small town, and big cities are correct and which of them are false in this part of our printable communities worksheets.

Pros and Cons of Rural, Urban, and Suburban Communities

A quick way for kids to get a rundown of life in different communities, this chart adds flavor and expands the scope of this collection. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each community.

Recognizing Pictures of Urban Communities

Perched amidst a mix of pictures are depictions of urban life. Keep an eye out for buildings that reach for the skies and traffic that goes bumper to bumper, and check the appropriate pictures.

Checking Pictures of Rural Communities

Ranches, barns, and wide-open farmlands are some of the key features children need to search for, as they recognize which of the pictures depict the quiet and peaceful life in a rural locality.

Types of Communities | Comprehension

A short passage talking about the features of and life in rural, urban, and suburban communities followed by a variety of exercises is a great way to add volume and dimension to this assortment.

Types of Communities Chart

Multicolored and illustrated, this pdf chart is sure to delight 1st grade through 4th grade kids as it clearly defines what a community is, before paying homage to rural, urban, and suburban communities.

Sorting Community Pictures | Cut and Glue

The task in this part of our communities worksheets is for little ones to snip the pictures, figure out if they belong to rural, suburban, or urban communities, and glue them under the correct columns.

Rural and Urban Communities | Venn Diagram

Highlighting the commonalities and differences between rural and urban communities, this exercise expects children to answer two sets of questions based on life in the cities and the villages.

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