Rivers of the World Worksheets

Rivers have been the backbone of human civilization, home to the most vibrant wildlife population and a source of inspiration and vitality. Understand the river system, its features and parts, definitions of important terms associated with rivers and learn the names, interesting facts, and also to locate the major rivers of the world with our printable rivers of the world worksheets curated for grade 3, grade 4, grade 5 and grade 6 children. Our free world rivers worksheets are definitely worth a try!

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River System Diagram | Chart

This easy-to-refer chart pdf illustrates the main characteristics of a river system, and gives lucid definitions of its features like source, delta, meander, etc. for a quick review.

Labeling the Features of a River

3rd grade and 4th grade children get familiarized with the basic features of a river system. Identify and label the parts of a river in its upper, middle and lower course with this labeling-the-features-of-a-river worksheet.

River Vocabulary | Chart

Refer to this valuable printable for 4th grade and 5th grade students to know the terms associated with rivers in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the features and parts of a river.

River Vocabulary | Cut & Glue

Children of elementary school will joyfully indulge themselves in this cut and glue activity pdf of learning the definitions of the terms of various features that are associated with rivers.

Rivers | Fill in the blanks

Make use of this exercise to learn, review or revise definitions, interesting facts and useful information about rivers in this pdf worksheet for 6th grade childrern.

Map of World's Major Rivers

Our printable map, available in both color and monochrome versions for grade 4, grade 5 and grade 6, provides the names and geographical locations of all the major rivers of the world to facilitate learning.

Locate the Major Rivers of the World

Go through the map to identify and label the important rivers of the world that have been the cradle of some of the greatest civilizations and home to greatly vibrant wildlife populations.

The Rivers of the World

Learning the names and locations of the longest rivers of the world doesn't need to be a tedious task. Use this cut and glue printable worksheet to make this lesson fun for children of grade 5 and grade 6.

Word Search Major Rivers

Is teaching the names of the rivers in the world challenging? Get children of elementary school motivated and enthusiastic about taking this initiative, with this word search activity worksheet pdf.

Which river am I?

Students in the 5th grade and 6th grade will be mentally stimulated with this exciting quiz on rivers, that expects them to infer the name of the river by decoding the clues provided.

Rivers | Research Report

How about involving students in an engaging research report writing activity on as many rivers as you may want them to conduct a detailed study on? This template is tailor-made for the purpose.

Labeling Rivers

Do you know the major rivers that flow though the USA? Learn to locate and label the major rivers such as Missouri, Mississippi, Hudson and more on a printable map of the United States of America.

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