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Straight Line Worksheets

Worksheets based on properties of straight lines, slope of a line, identifying parallel and perpendicular lines, linear equation of a straight line, length of a line segment, identifying midpoint using midpoint formula, calculating length of the line segment using co-ordinates and distance formula, straight line worksheets based on Algebra and more.

Basic Worksheets-Line, Ray and Line Segment:

Basic worksheets for kids in Pre-School, Kindergarten and from grade 1 to grade 5. Free worksheets help them to understand the parts of straight lines. Also draw the line, ray and line segment as instructed in worksheets.

Basic Worksheets-Parallel, Perpendicular and Intersecting Lines:

Identify whether the lines are parallel or perpendicular or neither. If the lines are not parallel in a plane, then they are intersecting lines. If the lines intersect at 90 degree, then they are perpendicular.

Midpoint and Distance Formula:

Use midpoint formula to find the coordinates of midpoint of a line segment using the given end points. Use distance formula to find the length of the line segment.

Algebra Worksheets on Straight Lines:

Free linear equation worksheets in Algebra include slope of a straight line, linear equations of straight lines, identifying parallel and perpendicular lines from system of linear equations, point of intersection of a straight line, solving the system of linear equation to identify the point of intersection and more.

Slope and Y-intercept

Basic printable worksheets in linear equation in identifying slope and y-intercept from linear equations, two points or from the graph.

Equation of Straight Lines Worksheets:

Writing linear equation can be done in many ways. Find the equation of a straight line using slope and y-intercept; point and slope; two point formula

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Worksheets:

Identify the slopes of given linear equations and apply the conditions to check whether the lines are parallel or perpendicular.

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