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Angle Sum and Difference Identities | Compound Angles Worksheets

The angle sum and difference identities pdf worksheets facilitate determining the exact value of an angle, written as a sum or difference using familiar values of sine, cosine and tangent like 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° and their multiples. Navigate through printable high school exercises like find the exact values of trig expressions, evaluate and prove trigonometric equations using the sum formula and difference formula and a combination of the two. Our free worksheets are perfect practice launch pads!

Angle Sum Identities: Degrees and Radians

Equip yourself with a knowledge of the identity from the angle sum identity chart. Determine the exact value by observing the angle in the trig expression and split it as a sum of two known angles.

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Angle Difference Identities: Degrees and Radians

Introduce the angle difference identity with the difference identity chart. Break down the angle as a difference of two known angles in terms of sin, cos and tan to find the exact values of the trig expressions.

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Mixed Review | Angle Sum and Difference Identities

Recapitulate the angle sum and difference formulas, employing these trig expressions with angle measures that can be split as a sum or difference of two known angles using the compound angle formulas.

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Simplify and Express as a Single Trigonometric Function

This array high school pdf worksheets consists of trigonometric expressions to be simplified and expressed as a single trig function using the sum or difference identity. Reduce the trig expressions to known angles of sin, cos and tan.

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Evaluate and Find the Exact Value

Featured in this ensemble are trig expressions that have to be evaluated; compute the exact value using the compound angle identities in combination with the other trigonometric identities.

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Trigonometric Ratios Using Compound Angles

Explore the printable trigonometric ratio worksheets, incorporating trig expressions, find their values based on the given quadrant or interval within which the angle is located; implementing the compound angle identities.

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Proving Identities

Apply trig identities in verifying trigonometric equations. Choose a side (L.H.S or R.H.S) to begin with and work on it until it becomes equivalent to the other side, using angle sum or difference identities in particular.

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