Preschool Math Worksheets

"What we learn with pleasure we never forget." - Alfred Mercier. This preschool worksheet pack is a blend of fun and learning, featuring activities like recognizing numbers using vibrant charts, counting numbers up to 20, sequencing numbers, learning to spell number words, comprehending correspondence between quantity and numerals, coloring pictures following a color code, identify and trace basic shapes and more.

Number Charts

Picture Charts (1-5) | Number Charts (1-5)

The visually appealing picture charts featured here assist kids in grasping the concept of numbers from 1-5 with ease, by associating the quantity with the number as they count the pictures and identify numbers.

Picture Charts (1-10) | Number Charts (1-10)

Effectively motivate preschool kids with these aesthetically designed charts to count numbers up to 10. Use the Show-and-Tell strategy to recognize numbers and visually discriminate between them.

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Counting Pictures: 1 to 5

Ask the question "How many?" look for counting opportunities in every corner of your class as a precursor to the pencil-paper activity worksheets featured here. Use the touch and count method to count with accuracy.

Matching Numbers: 1 to 5

Recapitulate the number concept with these count and match worksheets. The attractive pictures grab the attention of the kids as they count and pair the numeral with the quantity it represents.

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Number Names Charts

Number names: 1 to 5

Comprehend the relationship between the numeral, the number name and the actual quantity it denotes, with these number name charts. Enhance the spelling, recognition and counting skills of the kids as well.

Connecting Dots

Connecting Dots | Dot-to-Dot Fun Worksheets

Play the guessing game with these dot-to-dot fun activity worksheets. Join the dots and learn to sequence numbers up to 20, identify the picture that emerges, use your imagination and color the picture.

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Color by Numbers

Color by Numbers | Color by Code

Reiterate the concept of recognition of numbers up to 5 with these color by code worksheets. Build the fine-motor skills of the preschoolers in the process of coloring the picture according to the code.

Color by Numbers: 1 to 10

Follow the number code to color the picture and recognize the numbers up to 10 with these color by number worksheets. Enhance the fine motor skills and learn to identify colors as well.

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Tracing Shapes

Tracing Shapes

Refine the eye-hand coordination and strengthen finger muscles by tracing basic shapes in these worksheets. Trail over the lines, identify the shape, color it and use real-world objects to reinforce shape recognition.

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