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Birthday Theme Coloring Pages

Birthday themes contain images related to the items used in birthday party. Coloring pages contain party balloons, party hats, gift boxes, birthday cakes, candles, candies, cakes and more. Tracing pages also included.

Simple Balloon

Simple Balloon

Balloon 1: Coloring | Tracing

Heart-shaped Balloon

Heart-Shaped Balloon

Balloon 3: Coloring | Tracing

Party Cake with Candle

cake with candle

Cake 2: Coloring | Tracing

Candy with Simple Wrapper


Candy 1: Coloring | Tracing

Tasty Creamy Lollipop

Candy with Stick

Lollipop: Coloring | Tracing

Party Hat: Type 2

Party Hat 2

Hat 2: Coloring | Tracing

A Large Gift Box

Gift box 2

Box 2: Coloring | Tracing

Balloon with Funny Face

Balloon with funny face

Balloon 2: Coloring | Tracing