How To Solve Speed Problems

List of links provided below may help to solve different types of speed problems.

Convert km/hr into m/sec

This lesson helps to convert km/hr into m/sec in an easiest way.

Convert m/sec into km/hr

It is just an reciprocal process of km/hr into m/sec. These are most common speed units.

Convert km/hr into miles/hr

Converting km/hr into miles/hr can be done by simply multiplying the number by 0.62137.

Convert miles/hr into km/hr

Conversion of miles/hr into km/hr can be done by multiplying 1.609344.

Convert m/sec into miles/hr

To convert m/sec into miles/hr, multiply the number by 2.236936.

Convert miles/hr into m/sec

To convert miles/hr into m/sec, multiply the number by 0.44704.

Speed - Distance - Time

Speed can calculated using a formula Speed = Distance/Time.

Speed Worksheets

Speed Worksheets for all the topics listed here. Open how to solve to help yourself in worksheets.