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Printable Calendars 2016

Printable calendars 2016 have monthly calendars and yearly calendars. The monthly calendars are exclusively designed in three fascinating themes - Jungle, Cartoon and Vehicle themes. Single-page yearly calendars have all the months put together in the most attractive way. Begin the Year with fun and joy. Happy New Year!!

Vehicle Theme

Ride, drive, race, fly or sail into the New Year on these vehicles. Print these calendars and place it in your study table.

Calendar 2016: Vehicle Theme

Jan: Always going on your way

Feb: Roll, Roll, Roll all your way

Mar: Carry as much as you can

Apr: Soar High, How very Blue the Sky is

May: Go for a Long Summer Drive

Jun: But Sail, How very Deep the Sea is

July: Keep your Lego City Fueled Up

Aug: Take off, Hover and Fly

Sep: Ready, Set, Go!

Oct: Slow & Steady- Safe drive

Nov: Break through - Tough Road Ahead

Dec: Economical Ride. Two-in-one.

Download all the months

Single-page Yearly Calendar

Find all the months in this yearly calendar. Distinct faces with attractive colors are given for you. Print this to paste it in your classroom.

Single Page Calendar 2016

Calendar I: Cirrus Clouds

Calendar II: Two Tall Warriors

Calendar III: Funny Comic Faces