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Dividing 3-digit by 2-digit Worksheets

This engaging collection of 3-digit by 2-digit division worksheets are sure to sharpen the division skills of students. Learn to solve the division problems following the basic steps of long division and find the quotient and remainder of standard division problems and division word problems. Fill in the missing numbers, check your answers and decode riddles too. Try some of these worksheets for free!

3-digit by 2-digit Division using Grids

This set of printable grid division worksheets provides a platform to practice division problems with ease. Align the 3-digit divisors and 2-digit dividends on the grids and divide them.

Standard Division | No Remainder

Divide the numbers using the 4-step process of divide-multiply-subtract-bring down. Repeat the process until you end up with a zero, in this array of division worksheets.

Standard Division | With Remainder

Each pdf worksheet comprises twelve problems dividing 3-digit by 2-digit numbers. Calculate the quotient and remainder and write the answers in the space provided.

Division with Word Problems | No Remainder

These division word problems help kids connect math concepts to day-to-day life. Find the quotient to the standard and word problems. The numbers divide equally leaving no remainder.

Division with Word Problems | With Remainder

Mastering the art of solvingĀ math word problemsĀ takes a lot of practice. Read the scenario carefully, use comprehension skills, apply the concept to solve each 3-digit by 2-digit division problem.

Standard Division | With or Without Remainder

Test division skills with this bundle of printable pdfs consisting of a mix of problems that may or may not result in a remainder. Divide the 3-digit numbers with 2-digit whole numbers using the long division strategy.

Standard Division with Word Problems | With or Without Remainder

Incorporate this blend of standard division problems and word problems to recapitulate the conceptual knowledge of division. Direct children to divide the numbers and find the quotient and the remainder.

Divide and check

Comprehend the relationship between division and multiplication. Evaluate your answer by plugging the values in the formula: quotient * divisor + remainder = dividend and check if the equation is balanced.

Fill in the Missing numbers

The process of division is presented with a few missing parts like the divisor, dividend, quotient or remainder. Figure out the missing numbers by multiplying, dividing or subtracting and complete the process.

Division Riddles

Rattle your brains a little to solve each division sentence, map the answers to the letters and decode the riddle in this batch of pdf division worksheets.