Fraction Addition Word Problems Worksheets

Let children work on our printable adding fractions word problems worksheets hammer and tongs! Whether it's sharing a meal with your friends or measuring the ingredients for a recipe, adding fractions is at the heart of it all, hence our worksheets. A wealth of real-life scenarios that involve addition of fractions with whole numbers and addition of two like fractions, two unlike fractions, and two mixed numbers, our pdf worksheets are indispensable for grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 students. The free fraction addition word problems worksheet is worth a try!

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Adding Fractions with Whole Numbers

Dazzle 3rd grade kids with a gift of lifelike story problems! If you're a novice up against fraction addition, don't miss our pdf adding fractions word problems worksheets using whole numbers and fractions!

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Adding Like Fractions Word Problems

Gerald ate 5/9 of an apple, and Garry ate 4/9 of it. How many apples did they eat in all? Good going! They both ate one whole apple. Simply combine the numerators and solve the like fraction word problems here!

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Adding Unlike Fractions

A potpourri of word problems that involve adding unlike fractions, these pdfs mean that 4th grade and 5th grade students will breeze through addition of fractions with different denominators in their day-to-day lives.

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Adding Mixed Numbers | Same Denominators

See in your mind's eye adding mixed numbers with same denominators riding on the several real-life scenarios in our printable worksheets! Convert the mixed numbers to fractions, and add them as usual.

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Adding Mixed Numbers | Different Denominators

Steal a march on your 5th grade and 6th grade peers by getting your act together to power through the real-world situations featured in this set of printable adding mixed numbers word problems worksheets.

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