Addition of Monomials and Binomials | Polynomial Worksheets

Practice this collection of mixed review worksheets post acing the exclusive topics like adding monomials and adding binomials. Each problem contains a monomial and a binomial. Add the terms and find the sum. Exercises involving two and three addends with two levels of difficulties are included.

Single variable - Level 1

This set of worksheets introduces students to adding monomial and binomial. Level - 1 contains integers as coefficients.

Single variable - Level 2

Level up with this set of worksheets containing fraction and integer coefficients where addition of monomial & binomial needs to be done.

Multivariable - Level 1

The worksheets consist of the expressions involving two or more variables. Perform addition by combining the like terms.

Multivariable - Level 2

Perform addition of monomials & binomials containing multi-variables. Use the answer key to verify your solutions.

Three addends: Single variable

The worksheets involve sums of three addends. Practice these printable PDFs to master the concept of addition of monomial and binomial.

Three addends: Multivariable

Simplify the like terms to find the sum of the given expressions. Each problem contains three addends involving multiple variables.