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This collection of algebraic identities charts emphasizes the derivation of the identity with vivid geometrical representation. Learn the algebraic formulas as a precursor to the simplification of algebraic expressions. Included here are the charts for identities such as square of a binomial, difference of squares, product of two binomials, square of trinomials and more. The charts are extremely useful for students of grade 8 and high school. Print our free charts and give them a headstart!

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Square of a Binomial | (a+b)2 | Type 1

Familiarize students with identities using this printable square of a binomial (a+b)2 identity chart, that comprises a clear illustration, helping students master it with ease.

Square of a Binomial | (a+b)2 | Type 2

Further reaffirm the identity (a+b)2 using this self-explanatory derivation chart, featuring an illustrated breakdown of the steps involved in arriving at the formula.

Square of a Binomial | (a-b)2 | Type 1

This square of a binomial (a-b)2 identity chart consists of a geometrical representation of the identity, making for a truly fun learning experience.

Square of a Binomial | (a-b)2 | Type 2

Explore the derivation of the identity (a-b)2 undeterred using this pdf chart. View the illustration and get a rundown of how the identity came to be about.

Difference of Squares | a2 - b2 | Type 1

This easy-to-use chart features a diagram depicting the difference of squares a2 - b2 identity. Help learners master the identity, etching in their minds a vivid picture of it.

Difference of Squares | a2 - b2 | Type 2

Discover how to derive the difference of squares algebraic identity, aided by the labeled figure alongside the detailed steps presented in this derivation chart.

Product of Two Binomials | (x+a) (x+b) | Type 1

Incorporate this product-of-two-binomials x2 + (a + b)x + ab identity chart, presented in an organized way to provide students with a thorough understanding of the formula.

Product of Two Binomials | (x+a) (x+b) | Type 2

A neatly labeled diagram, perched beside detailed steps, is exactly what this chart features. Use this resource to help children derive the product-of-two-binomials identity.

Square of a Trinomial | (a+b+c)2 | Type 1

This ready-to-print square-of-a-trinomial identity chart is an excellent visual tool that assists 8th grade and high school students in memorizing the identity in question.

Square of a Trinomial | (a+b+c)2 | Type 2

Trinomials are triple the fun, and squares of trinomials are double that triple! Access this illustrated derivation chart and navigate the steps to arrive at the  (a+b+c)2 identity.

Standard Algebraic Identities

Recapitulate the identities with this handy standard-identities-chart consisting of the four basic identities. Use the pdf as a reference to solve algebraic expressions.

Algebraic Identities - Revision Chart

This chart is an assortment of all the frequently used algebraic identities. Display the chart or distribute it as a handout to reiterate the identities. This chart comes handy in solving the algebraic expressions.