Canadian Money Charts

Our effectively designed printable charts on Canadian money will serve as an ideal resource to introduce young beginners to the Canadian coinage and notes. Children of Kindergarten through grade 3 will learn to recognize them, and know their names, designs, denominations and values readily and smoothly. Now, you can print some of these charts absolutely free of cost!

Canadian Coins

Canadian coinage is denominated in dollars and cents. They come in six denominations, and each coin is named as per its value. Learn their specific names, values and designs on both sides, with this pdf chart for kindergarten and grade 1.

Canadian Bills

Utilize this information sheet to familiarize beginners with the notes or bills of the Canadian dollar, showing the obverse and reverse of each bill and its value, to facilitate recognition and learning.

Canadian Coins and Bills

Use this printable chart as a tremendously useful handout for kids to memorize and refer to the coins and bills of the Canadian money in this information sheet illustrating their names and denominations for an effective review.

Canadian Coins | Obverse and Reverse

Help 1st grade and 2nd grade children know the design that they see on their coins and understand the significance of the various national symbols like the beaver, the loon, the Bluenose or the Caribou on the reverse of all coins.

Canadian Money | Equivalency Chart

Enable kids of grade 2 and grade 3 to get started with counting money with this equivalence PDF where they learn how much each smaller denomination adds up to and know that two dimes and a nickel make a handsome quarter.

Printable Canadian Money Cut-outs

Cut the money cards from this chart to put them to versatile use for teaching the names, values, designs and counting money. Use them for home or for exciting group activities in your classroom.

Canadian Coins | Cut & Glue Activity

Make learning Canadian money loads of fun for 3rd grade children with this cut and glue activity, in which they cut and sort the coins and their values to glue them in the appropriate columns.