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Australian Money Worksheets

Money skills are an essential component of math curriculum. This compilation of worksheets on counting Australian money emphasizes different aspects of money such as its worth and how to spend and save it wisely. Kids learn to count cents and dollars and figure out if they can buy an object with the money they have with a variety of exercises like count and write, count and match, cut and glue and more.

Counting Coins up to 50 cents

Identifying and counting money are the two main skills a kid should possess. The objective of this set of worksheets is to familiarize kids with cents up to 50 and help them skip count to work out their value.

Counting Coins | Cents & Dollars

This unit of Australian money worksheets helps kids acquire basic money counting skills as they sort coins based on denominations such as 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2, and skip count coins and write their value.

Counting Australian Coins and $5 Notes

A sound knowledge of money enables kids to use money of different denominations with ease. Try these worksheets featuring coins and $5 notes and level up your counting skills.

Counting Australian Money | Coins, $5 & $10 Notes

Add on to your kids' counting practice with this section of PDFs dealing with different coins and notes such as $5 and $10. Solve real-life word problems and learn to apply concepts.

Counting Australian Coins and Notes | Shopping

Kids examine the catalog of items and their price tags and learn to make smart money decisions. Calculate the total amount in each question and write the alphabet to represent the item to be bought.

Level: Easy, Moderate (3 worksheets each)

Equivalent Money - Match

These Australian money worksheets give kids a solid foundation in counting money and assist them in correlating the notes and coins with their values. Instruct kids to count and match the cents and dollars with their total value.

Matching Australian Money to Money

Take counting money skills a step ahead with this batch of worksheets. Kids count the coins and notes and draw lines to connect the sets with equal amounts.

Australian Money | MCQ

Enrich practice and effectively assess conceptual knowledge with these Australian Money worksheets. Get the little bankers to count the coins and notes and choose the correct answer from the options.

Cut your Favorite Objects and Paste them to your Money

Purses are greatly symbolic; a fat purse can spell grandeur just as a lean one can augur misery. In this set of worksheets, kids count the notes and coins in each purse and cut and paste the matching item.

I've Saved Enough to Buy the Toaster, oh no I haven't!

Nothing is as bitter as being told the money you've saved falls short by a whisker to buy you a favorite thing. Here, students count the money in the wallets, and then answer if it's enough to buy the items.

Spend it Wisely, mate, cuz each Penny Counts!

Teach children how crucial money and saving money are in their life. In these multiple money-saving worksheets, children examine each piggy bank ultra-carefully and answer the questions.

The enormous collection of worksheets on counting Australian money can be downloaded here.