Decimal Subtraction Worksheets

This assemblage of 350+ printable worksheets is designed to provide ample practice in subtracting decimals.The skills included here provide the 4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade children practice in learning decimal subtraction in both formats - horizontal and vertical (rows and columns), and to subtract decimals using tools like number lines, grids and base ten block models and much more.

List of Decimal Subtraction Worksheets

Explore the Decimal Subtraction Worksheets in Detail

Subtracting Decimals using a Number Line

Browse through this extensive range of decimal subtraction using number lines worksheets featuring exercises to comprehend number lines and increments, drawing hops, plugging in missing decimals, writing the subtraction statements, usage of the ruler model and a lot more.

Subtracting Decimals using Base Ten Blocks

Introduce children to decimal subtraction using base ten block models with this set of worksheets. Featured here are exercises to comprehend base ten blocks, writing the subtraction sentence, then subtracting decimals by moving units from one mat to the other.

Decimal Column Subtraction

Supplement your core instructions in subtracting decimals vertically with this set of 85+ worksheets. Classified based on place values, these decimal column subtraction worksheets provide exercises with/without the borrowing concept.

Decimal Grid Subtraction

Add more variety to the decimal subtraction exercises with this set of printables that provide grids to serve the purpose. Strengthen the subtraction skills of the children by helping them visualize the place values using grids.

Decimal Horizontal Subtraction

Practice subtraction of decimals horizontally in accordance with the place values of the decimal numbers with this collection of decimal row subtraction worksheets.

Line up the decimals and then subtract

These decimal line up subtraction worksheets teach vertical alignment of decimal numbers according to their place values ranging from tenths to millionths and then to subtract them.

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