Evaluating Piecewise Functions Worksheets

Built of pieces of different functions put together, the piecewise functions describe situations in which the function rule changes based on the input value. The formula to find the output changes as the input value reaches a mark. The functions here are represented in interval notation. For instance, take this situation: Cathy babysits over the weekends. She charges a fee of $10 up to one hour and an extra $5 for every additional hour. This can be represented as a piecewise function in interval notation as f(x) = {$10x ≤ 1; $5(x + 1)x > 1}. This is one scenario where piecewise functions are used in real-life. High school students solve the exercises found in these evaluating piecewise function worksheets to bolster skills. Grab printouts of these worksheets, available in two levels of difficulty, begin substituting the values and evaluate. Wait no longer, print our free worksheet and initiate the practice process.

Evaluating Piecewise Functions