Feet, Yards, and Miles Worksheets

Whether you are aiming to teach conversion between feet and yards, or yards and miles, or feet and miles, here is your guide to structured practice. Opt for this batch of printable worksheets to provide kids of grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 with ample exercises on conversion from smaller units to larger units of length and vice versa. Reprogram your approach to testing knowledge with the mixed review worksheets, and instantly verify answers with the answer key provided. Our free worksheets are sure to get you started with a bang!

Conversion between Feet and Yards

How many feet make a yard? Bolster skills with these conversion between feet and yards printable worksheets for grade 3 and grade 4 kids. Multiply the measures by 3 to convert to feet and divide them by 3 to convert to yards.

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Conversion between Yards and Miles

Get kids acquainted with the fact that 1,760 yards make a mile. Practice switching from smaller to larger units of length and vice versa using this set of pdf worksheets on conversion between yards and miles.

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Conversion between Feet and Miles

Are your learners aware that there are 5,280 feet in a mile? Instruct them to multiply the number of feet by 5,280 to convert to miles and divide by 5,280 to convert them to feet.

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Converting Feet, Yards, & Miles | Revision

Buckle up your practice with this set of worksheets comprising a mix of varied units of length clearly split into three parts. Review the concept of converting feet, yards, and miles using appropriate formulas.

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Converting Feet, Yards, & Miles | More Practice

These worksheets on converting feet, yards, and miles are curated to satiate the avid learners in grade 5 and grade 6. If you like going the extra mile in reaffirming concepts, then these pdfs must be your pick.

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