Decimals in Words Worksheets

This extensive compilation of pdf worksheets has been diligently drafted for students in grade 4 and grade 5. them in converting number names to standard decimal numbers and vice versa. The printable worksheets have been segregated based up on the place values of decimals: tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and millionths. This enables an easy download environment. A number of free worksheets are up for grabs!

Decimals: Tenths

Convert number names to standard decimals and vice versa with this batch of multi-level worksheets. Exclusive combined reviews based on decimals in tenths are also included to assess your child's grasp on the topic.

Decimals: Hundredths

Transform decimal numbers into number names and vice versa with this array of pdf worksheets. Use the review handouts to reinforce the concept of converting decimals/number names in hundredths.

Decimals: Thousandths

Employ this collection of printable worksheets to interpret number names and decimals in thousandths. The mixed review exercises form a perfect tool to evaluate a student's knowledge in the subject.

Decimals: Up to Thousandths

Transform number names to decimals and vice versa up to thousandths with these 4th grade and 5th grade practice sets. Use the answer key to help them verify their responses.

Decimals: Upto Millionths

This compilation of worksheets provides plentiful practice in writing number names / decimal numbers up to millionths.

Money in Words Worksheets

Whether it’s filling a check or preparing an invoice, writing money in words is an essential skill. Have youngsters practice as well as self-evaluate this skill with these printable worksheets. Express the amounts in words as well as set down the money in words as figures.

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