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Decimals in Words Worksheets

This extensive compilation of worksheets has been diligently drafted for students in Grades 4 and 5 to guide them in converting number names to standard decimal numbers and vice versa. Worksheets have been segregated based up on the place values of decimals: tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and millionths. This enables an easy download environment. A number of free printable worksheets are up for grabs!

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Decimals: Tenths

Convert number names to standard decimals and vice versa with this batch of multi-level worksheets. Exclusive combined review worksheets based on decimals in tenths are also included to assess your child's grasp on the topic.

Decimals: Hundredths

Transform decimal numbers into number names and vice versa with this array of worksheets. Use the combined review worksheets to reinforce the concept of converting decimals/number names in hundredths.

Decimals: Thousandths

Employ this collection of worksheets to interpret number names and decimals in thousandths. The combined review worksheets form a perfect tool to evaluate a student's knowledge in the subject.

Mixed Review - Level 1: Up to thousandths

Transform number names to decimals and vice versa up to thousandths with this series of worksheets. Become a member to avail unlimited access to all worksheets. Use the answer key to help them verify their responses.

Mixed Review: Level 2: Up to millionths

This compilation of worksheets provides plentiful practice in writing number names/ decimal numbers up to millionths. Click on the 'Download All' option for the entire set of worksheets featured here.

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