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Protractor Templates for Teachers

Presenting protractors in four different sizes, this set of printable protractor templates equips teachers, tutors, and homeschool moms to clearly explain how to read a protractor. As well as that, it enlightens them on how to use the meticulously designed tool to measure and construct angles. Print the template that best fulfills your needs, and cut out the protractor. With our full-featured protractors around, you will no longer need to buy protractors at stores. Check out our single protractor template for free!

Single Protractor

Equipped with a single 180-degree protractor, this printable is an ideal template for classroom demonstrations. Teach kids how to read the inner and outer scales of a protractor with this essential illustration.

Two Protractors

If you're looking for an engaging protractor template to guide your child through measuring and drawing angles, look no further. This handy pdf containing two protractors is a surefire choice!

Four Protractors

Create protractor task cards, and assess your kid's skills in reading a protractor. Print multiple copies of this template on thick card stock, and draw an angle over each protractor.

Six Protractors

A flawless layout makes this template a must-have resource for classroom assessments. Print this template on several transparency sheets, snip the protractors, and distribute them to students.