Recognizing Polynomials Worksheets | Like Terms, Unlike Terms, Parts of Polynomials

A polynomial is an algebraic expression consisting of variables and non negative exponents, that involve operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Basic worksheets will help students recognize polynomials, like terms, unlike terms, leading coefficient and number of terms. Use our MCQs, multiple response and mixed review worksheets to assess a students' comprehension of the topic.

Recognizing polynomials

This ensemble of recognizing polynomial worksheets contains ten algebraic expressions. Figure out whether each expression is a polynomial or not.

List out the terms

The polynomial expressions are given in a table. Identify the terms of the polynomial and list them out in the blank column.

Identifying Like and Unlike terms

Learners are required to identify and circle the like terms in Part A. Similarly, determine the unlike terms in Part B.

Write polynomials in Standard form

To write a polynomial expression in standard form, rearrange them in the order of descending powers of the variable. The constant is always placed at the end of the expression.

Classifying Polynomials Worksheets

Polynomials can be classified in two ways. Learn to name the polynomials according to their number of terms and degree with this assortment of worksheets on classification of polynomials.

(35 Worksheets)

Degree of Polynomials Worksheets

Use this array of worksheets to get ample practice on topics like finding degree of polynomials, leading coefficients, and much more!

(35 Worksheets)

Parts of the polynomial: Degree, coefficient, terms, names

Observe each polynomial expression. Note down the degree, leading coefficient and the number of terms. Also, Identify the nomenclature for expressions by their degree and the number of terms.


This set of review worksheets will familiarize you the basic concepts of polynomials. A total of 35 questions are available in multiple choice format. Validate your answers with the corresponding answer keys.

Multiple Responses

Evaluate your skills in recognizing polynomials with this unique set of worksheets. Each question presented here has more than one correct answer. Analyze carefully to select all possible answers.

Mixed review: Polynomials

To recap all the skills acquired from the previous worksheets and apply them here. Observe each polynomial expression carefully and answer the questions that follow.

The entire collection of worksheets on recognizing polynomials can be downloaded in a jiffy!