Standard and Expanded Exponential Form Worksheets

This series of worksheets is drafted to assist students of Grade 5 in writing numbers in exponential form and converting exponential form back into standard form. Teach them the basic exponent rules to solve these worksheets that focus the place value multipliers as powers of 10. Click on the free icons to take a peek at our worksheets.

Expanded Form: Units

Expanded Exponential Form: Units Place Value

Rewrite a mix of 2-digit and 3-digit numbers in the expanded exponential form by splitting the digits and multiplying each digit with powers of 10. Ensure correct use of parentheses in denoting place values.

Standard Form: Units

Standard Form: Units Place Value

Pay close attention to exponent rules while converting expanded form into a standard numeric notation in this series of worksheets. Click the 'Download the set' option for all PDF files in this section.

Standard and Expanded Form: Units Combined Review

Combined Review: Units Place Value

First convert standard form into expanded exponential form and then move on to the next set to do exactly the opposite! A perfect activity to assess a student's grasp on the topic.

Expanded Form: Thousands

Expanded Exponential Form: Thousands Place Value

Draft the numbers in expanded form that represents place values up to hundred thousands. Be attentive when defining the order of exponents for place value digits that comprise zeros.

Standard Form: Thousands

Standard Form: Thousands Place Value

Find the product for each of the digits and their respective multipliers. Each worksheet comprises of 10 problems. The maximum power of the exponent is 5 (hundred thousands).

Standard and Expanded Form: Thousands Combined Review

Combined Review: Thousands Place Value

Transform numbers in standard form to expanded exponential form and vice versa with this assorted collection of worksheets. Use the answer keys to validate your answers.

Expanded Form: Millions

Expanded Exponential Form: Millions Place Value

Transform the given number notations in the expanded exponential form to include place values up to millions. The exponents will vary from 100 to 108 here.

Standard Form: Millions

Standard Form: Millions Place Value

Worksheets comprise problems based on expanded form. Rewrite them in standard form.

Stanadard and Expanded Form: Millions Combined Review

Combined Review: Millions Place Value

Test a student's comprehension on place values with this series of worksheets. Get them to transform expanded exponential form to standard notation and vice versa.

Expanded Form: Billions

Expanded Exponential Form: Billions Place Value

Numbers are provided in standard form. Transform them into the expanded exponential form. The exponents will be expressed in powers of ten ranging up to 1011.

Standard Form: Billions

Standard Form: Billions Place Value

Rewrite the standard number notations in the expanded exponential form in place values up to billions. Insert commas to indicate periods that denote place values of each group of numbers.

Standard and Expanded Form: Billions Combined Review

Combined Review: Billions Place Value

Challenge students to switch back and forth in converting numbers in expanded exponential form and standard notation with this array of worksheets. 'Download the set' to access the entire gamut of PDF files.

The entire collection of worksheets on standard and expanded exponential form can be downloaded in a jiffy!