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Free Decimal Online Practice Tests | Quizzes | Games

Online practice tests are a fun way to recapitulate the concept. Included here timed online tests on decimal addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each MCQ test comprises 10 questions randomized from a pool of questions. A thorough knowledge of decimal addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is a prerequisite. Different place values have been used to pose a challenge to the 4th, 5th and 6th grade children. Instant evaluation helps children to re-do the test if required.

List of Decimal Online Practice Tests

Explore Decimal Online Practice Tests in Detail

Decimal Addition Tests

Add up the decimal numbers with different place values, and choose the correct answer from a list of four options. The decimal addition tests are timed and graded instantly.

Decimal Subtraction Tests

Find the difference between the two decimal numbers involving varied place values. The set of questions is randomly selected. Repeat the online decimal subtraction test until you get a 10/10.

Decimal Multiplication Tests

The decimal multiplication online practice tests are structured to encourage children to think back on what has been taught. Each question has decimal numbers with varying number of decimal places.

Decimal Division Tests

Exercise your brain with the decimal online division test. The timed test requires students to quickly divide the two decimal numbers and choose the correct answer, paying attention to the decimal point.