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Free Fraction Online Practice Tests

The fraction online practice comprises questions to test the knowledge of grade 3 through grade 6 children in fraction addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Practice, analyze and repeat until the topic is mastered. The time-bound tests are randomized and each test consists of 10 MCQs. A new set of questions appear every time you take the test.

List of Fraction Online Practice Tests

Explore Fraction Online Practice Tests in Detail

Addition of Fractions

Add the whole numbers, proper, improper and mixed fractions, find the sum of like and unlike fractions, and select the appropriate answer from a list of four options offered in this set of fraction addition tests.

Subtraction of Fractions

Excel in this fraction subtraction online test by practicing questions on subtraction of like and unlike fractions; subtract proper, improper, mixed fractions and whole numbers as well.

Multiplication of Fractions

Each interactive test offers 10 questions on multiplication of fractions. Multiply the numerators and denominators and reduce them to the lowest terms, choose the correct option and complete the test.

Division of Fractions

Reverse the second fraction and multiply the two fractions to get the answer in these timed fraction division practice tests featured here. Enhance skills in dividing fractions in the process.