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Free Statistics Online Practice Tests

Brush up your skills in statistics with the online tests that feature timed MCQs on topics such as finding the mean, median, mode and range. Each session provides 10 questions with four options. Outdo yourself every time you take up the test. Click on the outline button to get a detailed list of points and scores. The test is recommended for the students of grade 6.

List of Statistics Online Practice Tests

Explore Statistics Online Practice Tests in Detail

Mean Test

This set of online mean tests helps reaffirm the concept of finding the average by adding the listed numbers and dividing it by the number of terms. The MCQ provides four choices, pick the appropriate answer to score a 10/10.

Median Test

Rewrite the numbers in the ascending order and pick the middle term or median in an odd set of numbers. Find the average of the middle terms, if there are two middle terms; in case of an even set of numbers, to determine the median.

Mode Test

Practice finding the mode or modal value with this online mode test. Find the mode by rearranging the numbers in ascending order, then pick the number that appears the most in the list and choose the correct option.

Range Test

To find the range, first order the data from the least to the greatest. Find the difference between the highest and the lowest values in the set of numbers listed and check the appropriate options to complete the test.